Friday, February 23, 2007

The Party's Over

Whew! What a difference a day (and a good night’s sleep) makes. I’m feeling better now, and wasn’t “Grey’s Anatomy” good? I’m back to caring, and I’m very excited. I leave tomorrow for a week in Washington, DC with my daughter and her classmates. I’ve never been to our nation’s capital before, and I can’t wait to see the monuments and memorials. I think every American should visit DC at least once. I’m just sorry it took me so many years to get there. I’m worried about the bus ride, though. Buses make me terribly nauseous. I’m hoping Dramamine and sleep will get me there with a calm stomach. Just in case, I’m taking my own sick bags. Actually, my husband bought extra gallon sized baggies today just for that purpose. Nothing says love like buying your spouse barf bags. DC here we come!

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