Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Who's Two!

We celebrated Special Delivery’s birthday this past weekend. I can’t believe he’s two years old. (Insert Old Fart voice here.) Where does the time go?

I’m proud to say he apparently shares his Aunt Hula’s love of cake.

Although I can’t remember ever stealing any off of someone else’s place. When she was watching.
Special Delivery is the spittin’ image of his daddy at this age, except Super Cop had red hair.

And can I just say that since Hubby and I are pretty far down the pike in the child rearin’ business, it’s terribly fun to watch Super Cop deal with the joys and frustrations of living with a toddler. Sorry, it’s the big sister comin’ out in me.
Oh, and if I had cheeks this cute, I’d smile too.


The Girl Next Door said...

OMG they are adorable! Almost makes me want to repeat that. Almost...(did I even think that for 1/2 a second? Wash my mouth out with rum....)

Trailboss said...

Absolutely adorable! I'm like you...where does the time go?

My oldest grandaughter is 5 and in kindergarten. Someone please wake me up!!!!

The Church Lady said...

Love those baby blues! Wow. 2 already?

J.G. said...

Sweet, sweet! I love the expression on the little one who lost out on her cake. What a frown! But it didn't last long.