Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Don't waste it, Hula. It's a gift."

This is the scene at the edge of our backyard just about every morning when I wake up, and please pardon the fuzziness of this photo as that area is a tad beyond the reach of my 200mm lens. 

Sometimes there are two deer.  Sometimes there are as many as five.  It is a peaceful and calm scene, and the dog and I usually silently stare at the deer for a few minutes before going about our business of waking up way before we want to and while the rest of our family sleeps.  And while I find 5:45am to be an unsavory hour, this moment is one of my favorites of the day.  It's as if God is whispering, "Good morning," in my ear.  It just makes me feel darn lucky to awake to another day.  It also makes me feel obligated to use the day responsibly.

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The Church Lady said...

That truly is a gift to see every morning. We seldom see them in our yard, even though we live on a wooded lot.