Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's an Inherited Genetic Disorder, Trust Me

Two of the Hula-gen’s will giggle at silly stuff, like:

Subway performers who play The Chicken Dance. Loudly. With a tuba.

People rolling around in giant hamster balls.

Cute little British ice cream trucks.

Cute little nuns taking pictures of Notre Dame.

Street mimes with no head and a flirtatious streak.

Things that spin when you sit on them.

And especially automated public toilets that wash their own floor after every use.

Really, we can’t seem to help ourselves, so please don’t tell us any flatulence jokes in public. If we can spend ten minutes entertaining a man from Texas with our delight over a French public toilet, we cannot be trusted with anything as dangerous as a fart joke.

1 comment:

Mike Golch said...

I bet listening to the Chicken dance is fun.