Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready for Some Good News

Sometimes it seems like everything goes to pot at the same time. That’s not really true, but it sure seems that way whenever several bad things combine to overshadow the good that’s going on. I really am trying to stay positive right now, but health issues among friends and loved ones has me concerned for several folks. The prayer list at church is a mile long, and so many of my friends are dealing with death. It’s been a rough couple of months for many folks that I know. Janjanmom unexpectedly lost her father in law about a week after we lost Mama J. A well known member of our community died suddenly of a massive stroke even though he wasn’t even fifty years old, and the obituary section of the local newspaper has a familiar name in it every day. It’s just crazy.

Some of my current worries involve daddy’s brother who fell more than a week ago. He needed to have surgery to repair his arm, and now he’s in ICU because his kidneys just aren’t waking up from the surgery, and he has pneumonia. He should already be in the midst of physical therapy. Daddy’s sister, who suffers from dementia, is not eating and frankly, is just not doing well. I’ve gotten reluctant to answer the phone ‘cause I just don’t want to hear any more bad news. My stomach truly clenches each time it rings and I see Mama’s name or Hubby’s name on the caller ID. And while these folks are my biggest worries, there is another member of our family who is ailing too, and I have yet to share that with you.

Our ten year old miniature schnauzer, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, has been very sick for several weeks.

In fact, he almost died on us a couple of times, once while Teen Angel and I were in Europe. He was diagnosed with diabetes about two months ago, and we are still trying to get his blood sugar regulated. About the time we think we have it figured out, his sugar bottoms out and we have to reconfigure his insulin. He requires two shots a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. Now, I know some folks wouldn’t go to that much trouble for a dog, but we are crazy dog people. Jack is family. We share every part of our home with him, and while we don’t treat him like a child, he is a treasured member of our family, and we make no excuses for that. Jack loves his peeps, and we love him. He bonded with us from the day we got him, and he has brought us much joy. I’ve had dogs all my life, and I’ve never had a dog that tried as hard as he does to communicate with me or be so close to me. It is not uncommon for Hubby to wake up and find Jack spooned up against me with his little head on my pillow. We are all very attached to that dog.

One of the hardest parts about all of this is that the diabetes took his vision. Quickly. It was gone within a couple of weeks. He could see fairly well when Teen Angel and I left for London and was completely blind by the time we came home. It was quite a shock to come home to his weakened condition. While the vet tells us that blind dogs adjust very well, it is painful to watch him wander around the house and bump into things. Everything that I read on the internet tells me that it’s usually harder for the owner to accept a pet’s blindness than it is for the dog, and I believe that. If we could find him a helmet to protect his little noggin’ we would. He does seem to be adjusting to his surroundings. He loves being outside because he has room to romp and run without running into stuff, as long as we keep him on a leash and watch out for him.

In fact, he likes to go for walks more than ever now. He finds his way into the concrete curb along our street and trots fast enough to take your breath away.

The vet says he could live for two or three more years IF we can get his blood sugar stabilized. That’s a bit of a big if right now, but we are getting closer. I hope we can. We’d love to have him around for a little while longer. And honestly, I just can’t bear the thought of losing another loved one right now. Besides, who will keep my feet warm this winter if Jack isn’t around?


Jan n Jer said...

You are the third person who I know of that owns a dog with diabetes! My Daughter is one of them...she also has the same kind of dog as you! Kaina is 10 years old and requires two shots a day for her diabetes...we think she is dealing with another bladder stone too! Its just as hard to watch a loved pet grow old n become frail as it is a human loved one! But thats all part of life!

Living Life said...

Seems that diabetes in animals is very common. I have many friends, including my sister, who have to give their pets insulin shots. From what they have all said, it can be controlled but it takes a while to get it under control. So, hopefully little Jack will hang in there!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Gosh, you guys really have been on a roller coaster lately. My heart goes out to all of you. I pray right here and now that all will be well in your world again.

Bro. Dave said...

Sounds like Jack needs a pastoral visit. You guys at home tomorrow night?

trailboss313@yahoo.com said...

It's so hard to see our beloved pets age and have problems like this. My brother had a Jack Russell that was blind. He did really well for several years. My heart goes out to you and your family. Times are tough lately aren't they?