Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And it was a Good One

Papa T. got to come home this afternoon. Yay! He had to come home with oxygen. Boo. And that could be permanent. Oh my. We're not sure yet. We'll just have to wait and see, but it's definitely a possibility, and if that's the case, Lord help us all 'cause that oxygen tube up his nose has been a thorn in his side since he got to the hospital. He hates it. But as Hubby says, it is what it is, so he may just have to get used to it. Easier said than done probably. We're hoping that now that he's home, he will actually improve. His progress at the hospital had plateaued, and the doctor was a little stumped by that, but we really think that he will improve now that he's back to his house, his bed, his surroundings and his routine. And UK basketball. Go wildcats. One thing's for sure, we will celebrate for the next few nights with some of his favorite dinners, which basically means any combination of home cooked vegetables with a side of any kind of bread.

It has been a long seventeen days, and some of those days were good, and some were downright depressing. Taking care of old folks is hard work, and it can be very stressful when there are issues like blindness and dementia involved. Daily, I spent the drive to work praying for patience and strength and healing and a sense of humor. Five mornings ago, when I was having a particularly stressful spurt and I was more than a little tired, I caught myself asking the good Lord to give me a good day. And when I realized what I was doing that old Don Williams song rolled through my head. Before you know it, I was singing Lord I Hope This Day is Good for about three miles. And I don't know all the words, so it was a lot of "Lord, I hope this day is good" and a fair amount of humming. I thought how appropriate that song was for this particular moment in my day to day life.

"Lord, I hope this day is good. I'm feeling lonely and misunderstood" and "Lord, have you forgotten me?"

How honest is that? And it's a real toe tapper, so that was kind of uplifting. I downloaded it from Hubby's CD collection, and I've been playing it since. It shall be my theme for the time being, and that leads me to the question of the day, my friends. What song would be the soundtrack for YOUR life right at this moment? Shout it out 'cause I'd like to know. And in the meantime, here's to home cooked vegetables and heartfelt music. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Thankful he is home and yes -- it can be challenging but God will provide , He will.

My song right now -- I'll Go to My Grave Lovin' You by Jamey and Darrin..(hubby and I held hands while driving thru Cade's Cove as it was playing couple of weeks ago ) and yeah, like we are on first name basis w Jamey and Darrin..HA. But I do love me some Dailey & Vincent right now. Wouldn't buy the CD at the Cracker Barrell but a dear friend bought it for my bday and I have flat worn that CD out....lol And I'd "give a dollar " right now to near Darrin Vincent's laugh cause we are in need of some laughter at this house...but we have so much to be thankful for! So much....

J.G. said...

"Take a Back Road" by Rodney Atkins -- too much indoor city life in my life right now!

Glad to hear Papa T. is home. He'll be a whole lot happier there. Will keep all of you in my prayers.

Bro. Dave said...

Wish it could be "Son of a Son of a Sailor" or "He Went to Paris", but it's more like "Why Me, Lord?" by Kris Kristofferson. (Seriously, consider the lyrics, not just the title.)

Glad Papa T is home. I'll drop by to see him soon.

oreneta said...

I have no idea what it would be...sunny days? Glad Papa T's home though.

maybe the song would be about a howling dog in my house and a girl dog in heat in the neighbourhood. Know a song about that?

Living Life said...

Great news about Papa T! At least he is home now. I'm sure he is very glad about that! I had never heard that song before. It is quite catchy. The song that would best describe my life right about now would have to be "Teenage Daughters" by Martina McBride.

Jan n Jer said...

I love this...never heard it before...great song to lift low spirits. Going to download it on my ipod now. Thanks for sharing and keep the faith with your saga with Papa T. I can only imagine the stress for the family! The song that keeps me centered is "Give Thanks"(with a grateful heart) by Don Moen!