Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cover Girl Scores Gold

There are two things that happened this week that made me very happy.  There were a couple of news reports that called these Olympic games the year of the woman.  And while you can debate the number of medals won and lost and whether women are really gaining more freedom when some of these athletes will return to countries where they can't vote or speak their minds, the bottom line is that the games have certainly highlighted women's athletic strengths.  There are a few idiot fans who want to focus on Gabby Douglas' hair instead of her wonderful abilities.  Some female athletes have been called too thin, others too thick, and their looks are burning up the twitter feeds by some birds who don't have anything else better to flap about.  BUT.  It is impossible to ignore the performance of strong dedicated women who are showing all those very young girls watching TV right now that beauty is more than a size zero waist and a spray on tan.  There are female athletes of all ages who are dashing across the small screen with power, intelligence and grace.  When they win and lose.  Is there anyone more gracious and honest than Lo Lo Jones when it comes to losing a medal?  And how about Gabby Douglas giving a shout out to God?  That kind of thing takes independence and courage these days.  And I love it.  Such a nice change of pace from all of the reality crap that falsely makes our young people think that success comes in the form of being famous for nothing other than a rich parent or a sex tape.

And then Cover Girl went and named Pink their new, well, cover girl. 

Giddy-up!  I love Pink.  She is smart and talented and has been challenging the popular notion of beauty for a long time.  I think she's beautiful with her spiky hair and funky clothes....and her brains.  Good for you, Cover Girl.  And good for us.
Oh, and Blogger was being turd, so I couldn't post the video I wanted to link directly here.  You'll have to get there this way.  Blogger does not get a medal today.


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Wonderful tribute to the abilities of women - we really are more than just a sex symbol or piece of eye candy! But, sadly, we have also helped foster that notion by playing along! Our home town is pretty proud of Gabby's accomplishments - I passed by her training gym just yesterday!