Thursday, September 20, 2012

Say Hello to my Little Friend

The other day I drove to a particular wooded area to try to catch a picture of some cranes that I'd seen landing in that area when I had driven by a couple of times.  As I rounded the corner, a blur crossed my path, creating this noisy crashing sound, and I braked the car to a quick stop.  I realized it was a deer.  A young deer.  He stopped a few yards from me and stared at me, probably wondering what on earth I was doing in his neck of the woods.  I'm not sure who was surprised more, him or me.  My camera happened to be in an open case in the seat behind me, and I slowly reached around and grabbed it.  I managed one quick shot before he dashed off into the bushes.  He was beautiful, and in the 3.5 seconds I had my eyes locked on him, I felt like I was staring into the face of God.  What a lovely creature. 

I missed the cranes.  They weren't there.  But I got something better.  I love it when things happen that way.


Mike Golch said...

cool. thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

What a great joy it is to get photos of those animals...the cranes you can get some other time!

Trailboss said...

That is one thing that I miss about living in the country. I used to see deer almost on a daily basis but now I don't.