Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

The always gracious and generous janjanmom has bestowed the Honest Scrap award on me. Not bogus crap, you yahoos, Honest Scrap. I'm supposed to pass this award onto seven other blogs that I find brilliant in content or design and then list at least 10 honest things about myself. I'm truly flattered that she thinks I'm that swell, especially since she really knows me and has had plenty of opportunities over the past few years to witness my flaws and flubs. Thanks, janjanmom. And by the way, that chicken casserole you sent over during my power outage adventure was terrific.

Okay, 10 honest things about me:

1. I think my husband is a better spouse than I am.
2. This morning under a mountain of paper on my desk at work I found the birthday card for my brother I addressed and put a stamp on right before the ice storm hit. It was already a month late when I put the stamp on it. His birthday was December 20th. I am now officially a turd.
3. A few weeks ago I let Mama J. and Papa T. have it because I felt they were behaving badly toward us. Some stuff I’d been holding in for about twenty years came spilling out, and I’m not sorry I said it. I AM sorry for the WAY I said it, but I can’t bring myself to tell them that yet.
4. I am terrible at admitting when I’m wrong, and I’ve only recently started working on this.
5. Right now, I have hidden in my desk at work a box of Girl Scout cookies, two large bars of the World’s Finest Chocolate and a bag of LifeSavers. Oh, and a large bag of gingersnaps.
6. I had popcorn for dinner three nights in the past week because I had eaten really big lunches and wasn’t very hungry at night. Perhaps, if I stayed out of that drawer.......
7. Sometimes I wish we’d had a second child so Teen Angel wouldn’t be an only.
8. No matter how old I get or how successful I am, there’s a tiny part of me that still feels like that skinny, awkward girl from high school with the big drill team boots, trying hard to fit in. I wonder if that will ever go away, and whether it should go away.
9. The very childish part of me was secretly pleased at my high school reunion because one of the big bee-atches from high school had more wrinkles than me. Okay, I wasn't just secretly pleased. I was downright joyous.
10. I know that I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and community of friends, but sometimes I forget that.

Now, I’m supposed to give this award to seven other folks, but honestly, all of the writers on my blog roll to the right seem to be pretty honest folks who tell it like it is and speak from their heart. I think they're all brilliant, so if you see your name over there, copy that award and paste that sucker on your page with pride. Consider yourself a recipient. And don't forget to share some secrets with us.


Mike Golch said...

I got this same award this week as well.

Janis said...

Thanks for your honesty, I learned alot about you just now.

oreneta said...

I think my husband is a better spouse than I am too....and the desk I work at in Toronto is has THE drawer for chocolate and all that for five people...in that it is for all of us, no one keeps track of what is in there and we can all go in anytime. Every time I want a paperclip I am assaulted by a fabulous aroma of chocolate etc etc etc....it is a minor torture, and I eat too much.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

You deserve it Hula! Whoo hoo! : )

Amy said...

Great list, Hula!:)

8. Me too...No matter what I do in life..there is still a little 12 year old insecure girl inside of me; she never seems to leave.

9. I have also been joyously thrilled at how some of the bee-atches in my past turned out. I'm just saying.;)

(((BIG HUGS!)))

The Church Lady said...

Awwwwww - thanks for sharing your honesty. You are a nice person!!