Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Hear That Train A Comin'

A snow covered train rolling through the countryside seems so quaint. So old fashioned. Junction. It makes me want to grab onto the caboose and ride the rails across the Midwest, making friends with hobos and vagabonds and eating over campfires.

And then I remember that I like being warm, that I enjoy my Sealy PosturePedic and that I hate pork and beans. And I get over myself, get back in the car and look for another picture to take.


The Church Lady said...

Great. Now you got me singing like Johnny Cash. Nice pictures of the train.

oreneta said...

I just finished reading Jason's post about wd40. Led to a little confusion when I opened your page....thought maybe we were going to lube up some trains!

I would definitely prefer a train trip in a box car in the summer too.....if I had to.

Janis said...

Trains can be fun if you have a compartment to yourself. Great photos Hula.