Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'll refrain from hanging a poster in my bedroom.

All this True Grit Oscar talk made me realize yesterday that Jeff Bridges is my new crush.

Well, he’s kind of an old crush who’s new again. And the more I thought about it I realized I’ve long had a thing for older fella’s with longish hair, crinkly eyes and facial hair. And nice pecs. Don’t forget the pecs. And either I’m just getting older or I’m pretty faithful because my old crushes are just as hot to me now as they used to be.

Oh, Hula, your 80’s roots are showing.


Jan n Jer said...

Not bad!!!

J.G. said...

Is that Sam Elliott? Ooh, it is! It is!

The Church Lady said...

Great choices Hula! My fave - Tom Selleck for sure!

Louisiana Belle said...

When I saw Jeff Bridges last year in Crazy Heart I couldn't believe I was so smitten with him since his character was kind of detestable. He was just so real for me in that movie, and I loved all that character in his face. Long hair does it for me every time. I remember having the same attraction to Kris Kristofferson and Nick Nolte back in the day.

Jason, as himself said...

So funny--your 80's roots.

I'll pass on the first ones, but I'll take Clooney. But first he would shave for me.