Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Stuff

The Hula-gen’s are bumping right along these days, and I hesitate to even mention it because that’s sure to jinx us. We’ve gone weeks without someone falling or having to go to the hospital, and that’s a gosh darn miracle, but we’re ridin’ the happy wave as long as it lasts. We HAVE had a little illness, but nothing extraordinary. Hubby had a round of something that appeared to be a sinus infection. That’s my unofficial diagnosis after he coughed up a pile of sumpin’ sumpin’ in the sink, and in true married fashion hollered for me to look at it. I’ll spare you the details except to say that if that wasn’t infection, a mushroom farm has taken root in his head.

Teen Angel has been fighting a bug for the last few days and came home early from school yesterday. She’s chewin’ vitamin C like popcorn and trying to rest. So far, it’s working okay. She went back to school today. I hate the way the school puts so much pressure on these kids to be there at all costs. It truly hurts their grades if they miss a day so they end up going to school and making everybody else sick. What happened to the good old days when a case of the crud meant a couple of days at home with a cozy blanket, The Price is Right and all the 7-up you could drink?

Hubby has to have surgery on his foot in a month. He has a heel spur the size of Minnesota, and while the doctor suggested muddling through for a few more months with Celebrex, Hubby told him to cut that sucker off. No use putting off what needs to be done and he might as well do it before spring gets here when there’s work to be done in the yard and we have a trip to New York City scheduled. We’re told it’s a somewhat painful procedure, but Mama J. who can’t stand for anyone to be sicker than her at any given time, told him not to worry, that there’s nothin’ to it. Not that she’s ever had that surgery. It’s just that Aunt Bessie “has ‘em cut off all the time and she’s fine”.

The man cave/garage is officially done. We still have to haul some stuff from storage to the new garage and hang Hubby’s twenty year neon sign collection, but the construction is finished. Hubby’s had a poker night there, and Teen Angel had a party with her buds in it Saturday night, so it’s Hula’s turn. I don’t know what I’m going to celebrate, but I hope it’s soon. Groundhog Day? Lincoln’s birthday?

I’ve been playing with my new lens this past week, and my girlfriend was right. It’s the crack of photography. Holy Cow, I can’t stop! It’s just fabulous, and I highly recommend it. It’s expensive. It took me a year to save for it, but it was worth it. I’ve lined up a few paying gigs to replenish my lens fund. One of them includes a little magazine work, so I’m pretty excited about that. I need to win the lottery soon, so I can just spend my days taking pictures. And eating shortbread cookies.

And speaking of shortbread. Hubby is on a diet. He and the rest of our Sunday school class are doing a Biggest Loser competition which means Teen Angel and I are losers when it comes to snacks around this place. I don’t keep tempting things in the pantry when Hubby’s dieting and I won’t eat fattening things in front of him, so it’s back to hiding Sweet Tarts in my closet and sneaking something sweet when he’s napping. With Girl Scout cookie season around the corner, I’ll be hoarding Do Si Dos in my desk at work. It’s gonna be a long three months ‘til this contest ends. Hubby’s doing pretty well, though. He’s lost ten pounds in the past three weeks. The sinus infection gave him a nice little jump start. It’s hard to eat much when you cough it across the room.

And I’m praying for all the folks in the path of this massive winter storm moving across the nation. Honestly, I’m glad it’s not hitting us. The ’09 ice storm was enough to last me for the rest of my life. Eighteen long days and nights of no electricity and nonstop work just about did me in. I’m glad to see it slide by us. However, having lived through it, I know what’s coming for the folks in the path of this monster, and it makes me wince just to watch the weather on TV. I just want to call them all up and scream, “Run, run like the wind! Get out of Dodge before it hits ‘cause you’re not gonna like what happens!” There will be people who won’t leave their homes for shelters, old folks who will be cold and hungry, a few casualties and people whose patience will wear out long before their lights come on. It’s going to be ugly, and I hate watching it unfold. Pray for those folks. They’re gonna need it.

And to leave you on a more positive note, check out these photos from the Depression. (Hardy, har, har). Here’s a sample from photographer Jack Delano.

Courtesy of The Denver Post

Isn't it fabulous? I love these. They’re from the Library of Congress, and believe it or not, they will actually make you smile. Keep your chin up and your boots on my Chicago friends!


oreneta said...

That was a great post. Feeling kinda blue and flat over here, so that was a wonder. Newsy and upbeat. Thanks Hula.

Jan n Jer said...

Thanks for the laugh...your tooo funny! Waiting to see some of the new photos with your new lens!

the parishioner who doesn't do anything said...

Did you get my email Sunday?

The Church Lady said...

Can't believe it is Feb 1st already! Hope Feb flies by just as quickly as Jan. I'm sure you're hoping as well - the sooner you will be getting in that pool of yours!

Glad your family is doing well (for the most part). I know what you mean about the pressure the school puts on the kids to have good attendance. Just had our high school curriculum meeting tonight and that is one of the points they talked about. Geez.

janjanmom said...

I am officially inviting myself to see that man cave very soon!!

So good to chat with you yesterday and know that the "Marie" in your life is a soul sister with mine.

( ;