Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

When you have a blind dog, funny things happen. Jack has adapted pretty well to his loss of vision, but he still has issues getting around sometimes. Like last night, when he was sniffing for crumbs in the kitchen floor, hoping someone had dropped a tasty morsel while fixing or eating dinner. From the living room we could hear was him bumping repeatedly into the cabinets like a steel ball in a pinball game. He did it so much it got funny. Sometimes he gets stuck in a closet or bathroom and can't figure out how to get out so he gets mad and starts barking in a dammit kind of bark. And if you're not careful when walking him in the yard, he'll run into a tree 'cause he gets so excited about going outside that he runs without caution. If they made helmets for pets, we'd buy one.

Well today, Teen Angel texted me this picture of Jack snoozing on Sabrina's bed, next to her kitty toys and a couple of feet from her water bowl.

While the cat is in the habit of stealing Jack's pillow because she's ornery that way, he NEVER EVER wants anything to do with her, let alone her bedding. I mean never. From the moment we moved her into the house, he has pretended she doesn't exist. So this picture means one of two things, either he got lost and wound up in the wrong bed or someone's having an identity crisis.


Jan n Jer said...

Aaah poor Jack...maybe he was just too worn out trying to find his pillow!

oreneta said...

Jack is a sweety....does it sound like bingo when he eats? Whatever they put in Chuck's kibble, I'm always waiting for him to yell out B23 while he's rattling away over there.

J.G. said...

Maybe he's adjusting? Or lost, I would go with lost, too.

The bumping around in the kitchen thing is really funny -- I can see where it would make you giggle.