Sunday, September 23, 2007

For Chance

Where are you, my friend?
Please come out and play. Why did you go?
I miss you so much. I loved you so.
My heart hurts so bad,
The storm of my pain brings me to my knees.
It twists, it turns.
Take it away, oh please.
Have you seen my friend Jesus?
Did you take his hand when he reached for you?
Will you save me a place
so I can dance with him too?
He tells me you're happy, don't worry, you're safe.
That He holds you at night in His warm embrace.
He says to look for you in most every place.
That you're with me always, I just can't see your face.
Now, I feel you in the wind, a gusty breeze that rustles my hair.
You cool my face. Is that you, there?
I smell you in the ocean, a salty breath that fills my lungs.
You clear my head, making me young.
I hear you in the birds, a song that tickles my ears.
You warm my soul, easing my fears.
I taste you in the rain, tears of endearment from above.
You wash my body, spreading your love.
I see you in newborns, their smiles reflect your face,
making me laugh, giving me grace.
I bask in your rays of sunrises and sunsets,
warming my skin, erasing my regrets.
I dance in your lights of shooting stars and moons,
lifting my sorrows, healing my wounds.
I feel you beside me, holding my hand,
carrying me gently, helping me stand.
You give me peace at the end of the day,
massaging my worries, pushing vultures away.
I no longer search for you in shadows and crowds,
or turn my head at familiar sounds.
That you're not in those places eases my mind,
'cause I realize now you're here all the time.
Hula Girl
October 2000

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janjanmom said...

This is very moving, Hulagirl. I'm so glad you shared it.