Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Too Much Homework

Things I have learned so far this week:

Chapstick melts when left in a hot car.

I cannot lick this circus peanut addiction without a twelve step program.

Debating the merits of Taye Digg's butt too loudly while working at a blood drive can cause blood donors to point and laugh at you.

I'm not nearly as good at Microsoft Publisher as I need to be.

Five special projects is the maximum amount of projects I can handle at work at one time. I am currently working on six.

Forgetting to give your child money for food when she's eating dinner out with others does not get you the mother of the year award.

These are just the lessons learned since Monday. There are three more days left in this week. I'm through learning until Sunday.

1 comment:

janjanmom said...

By the grace of God, the two circus peanuts I pilfered from my stepdad's bag(that I had bought him)left me satisfied and not really wanting more.

IT could have easily gone the other way. As long as it isn't limited to the peanuts, including things such as little debbie cakes and al forms of chocolate, I should join your twelve step group.

Chapstick also melts when run through the dryer in a jeans pocket.