Friday, September 7, 2007

Haughty Couture

While I'm not crazy about saying goodbye to summer, I do like getting all the catalogs with the new fall fashions. I've gotten five this week. I love clothes. I don't spend a lot of money on them because I buy everything on sale, but I do love a new outfit ever so often. Now, my little hometown is no fashion mecca, so I have to rely on outside sources to keep from looking like a rube when I step outside my front door. I've been perusing some pictures from the fall runway shows and thought I'd share some of them with you so you can help me look my best when the weather turns cold. Only trouble is, this stuff is a little fancy for me. I'll tell you where I'm planning to wear this, and you let me know if I'm on track. Remember, I don't want to look stupid.

PTO meeting. Is there a new Star Trek movie coming out? Did I miss the anouncement?

November Methodist Women's Circle meeting. I'll need a coat, though.

Ooh, here's one. Is this the boy from "A Christmas Story?"

It might work for the library book sale, but I'd best leave this one on the rack. Anything with this many spots falls under some kind of hunting season in Kentucky.

January parent teacher conference. (note to self: accessorize with Counsin Ernie's bagpipes.)

Look, caftans are back. Wait 'til I tell mom. She'll be excited, she's back in style again.

Company Christmas party. Although, this could be a little breezy, and I'm not sure where to hide the Spanx.

Hey, her glasses are like the first pair I ever had back in 1978. Are those back? Are there pants with this top? If so, I can wear this to the dirt track races.

Trip to Tampa in October, although the carry-on may be a little big, and Sissy may not want to pick me up at the airport. I could always wait and wear it to the TaterFest in the Spring.

Again, I don't want to look like a hick when I leave the house, so just let me know what I need to order from these high dollar houses of fashion. Those high faloutin' designers in New York City know what's best, and I just can't find this kind of stuff in my J.C. Penney's catalog.

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janjanmom said...

You'll be fine without a coat in the feather number. Feathers are warm.