Monday, August 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid getting hooked on any of the “Housewives of” series on the Bravo network. I know just enough about them to be appalled that Snookie and the gang were recently allowed to ring the bell at the Stock Market Exchange and that the Housewives of DC stirred up controversy before the season even started, thanks to White House gate crasher Michaele Salahi’s participation on the show. I was amused at the story the other day about Michaele’s little faux smackdown with Whoopi Goldberg on The View. What was girlfriend thinking, picking a fight with Whoopi? Whoopi is old school. She’ll whoop your arse first and ask questions later. She’s got street cred, and you don’t go messin’ around with someone who had to fight her way out of poverty. Duh.

Anyhoo, the series is likely to garner plenty of watchers since it’s like a romp through a Jackie Collins’ book, and who doesn’t enjoy that kind of trashy entertainment every now and then? I’m just basing that on the fact that those books are always checked out at my local library. So I’m told.

While I’ll admit to being curious about this season because of the DC setting, I refuse to get lured into that hot mess. I’m not judgin’ those who do though. We all have our little guilty pleasures. Oh, we can cite a long list of literary icons as our favorite authors or gloat about our contributions to public television, but the fact is we all have some skeletons in our entertainment closets. In the interest of keepin’ it real, I thought I’d share a few of mine with you. And if you ask me about these in public, I’ll swear I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

1. Lady Gaga-I LOVE Lady Gaga. She’s outrageous. She’s bold, and she knows how to make a radio hit. The Cher’s and Cyndi Lauper’s paved the way for her, but she’s taken fashion and pop to a level that makes Madonna seem a little tame. We used to think Madonna’s silk cone bra was outrageous until Lady G. set her boobs on fire. And then her hoo hoo. I tried and tried to get me and Teen Angel tickets to her St. Louis concert this summer, but I got started too late and could never score any. I was bummed ‘cause what a spectacle that would have been. And it was on my birthday weekend. I may be 46 years old (forget I just gave you that number), but I love her music and her drama.

2. ABBA-Hubby bought the Best of ABBA CD at Wal-Mart recently, and when I saw it in his hands, I fell in love with him all over again. Seriously, our eyes locked and we had this, “You mean, you like them, too?” moment that was as good as renewing our wedding vows. All these years, we never knew how much we each loved the singing Swedes. We stuck the CD in the player as soon as we got into the van, and sang Dancin’ Queen together at the top of our lungs. Well, I sang at the top of my lungs. He hummed. He loves Fernando, hates to watch organized sports on TV and knows how to pick a diamond. God, I’m a lucky woman.

3. Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab-I’m addicted to Celebrity Rehab. Pun intended. It’s like driving past a bad car wreck. You don’t want to look, but you can’t help looking. Maybe it’s because I’ve dealt with addiction in a loved one and been there for the interventions, the rehab, the relapse and all of the hurt and craziness that goes with it. I just love watching that show. (And A & E’s Intervention, which I think is very well produced for a reality show.)

I never missed an episode of Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab. I folded many a towel and pair of drawers on Saturday morning while watching that show. I cried with Mackenzie Phillips when she had to put her dog to sleep, and I followed all of the celebs into the next season’s Sober House. I laughed at their fights and shook my head at Heidi Fleiss every weekend. I just love Dr. Drew and find it ironic that they announced the cast of Season 4 on my birthday. I can’t wait to see if he finally gets Leif Garrett straight. Bonus Skeleton Reveal: I think Dr. Drew is a little hot in a weird, clinical kind of way. I know, I know.

4. Saturday Night Fever-“Watch the hair!” I love it when Tony says that. It’s a goofy, dated movie but it came along as I came of age, and it brings back fond memories of satin pants, Candy’s shoes and Bee Gees’s music. Sigh, I miss the 70’s.

5. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-I know the songs. I know the lines. And I will watch the entire dadgum thing when I happen across it while flipping the remote. And now that I’ve typed this I’ll be playing the Oompa Loompa song in my head for the rest of the night. Do not laugh, ‘cause I know you’re singin’ it now, too. You can’t help yourself.

6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show-I know the songs. I know the lines. I can do the Time warp. I have the extended version of the Time Warp and the rest of the soundtrack on my iPod, and we shall not talk about how high those songs rank on my playlists. This movie was huge when I was in college, and I dressed up and performed the part of Magenta many times in various cities when I was younger. It always brings back memories of a good friend of mine who played the part of Frank-n-furter to the hilt. A group of rednecks beat him up one night behind the theater because he was gay and wearing fishnet stockings, and it was my introduction to homophobia. I’ve never forgotten that. He died of AIDS at the height of the epidemic, and I often think of him when I watch that movie. Always with a smile though. Somewhere out there are some pictures of me, him and our friend V. in full costume, puttin’ our hands on our hips and knees in tight. And I’m thankful we never had Facebook back then ‘cause any hopes of a successful senate confirmation hearing for me would be doomed by those pictures alone.

Speaking of senate confirmation hearings, I’ll bet Elana Kagan knows who Michaele Salahi and the other Housewives of DC are. She may not admit it, but I’ll bet she does.


J.G. said...

She probably knows all about the Time Warp, too.

I loved this movie (especially Meat Loaf's appearance). We never dressed up, but we used to take all the props along to the midnight showings: squirt guns, newspaper, lighters, toast, etc. Just good clean transvestite fun!

The Church Lady said...

Jersey Shore. That is my guilty pleasure. I actually hate the show. But I was lured in over this past weekend. Now Hubby calls me "Snooky" and I call him "The Situation". Too funny. I definitely don't want my girls watching that trash.

I LOVE ABBA. I could listen to them over and over and over. Oh, and I know every word to every song.

Rink's Ramblings said...

Here's one more thought to your Gaga take, even more than Madonna or Lauper, Elton John paved the way for our act. How can one forget the outrageous outfits Elton used to to wear at the piano in the 70's.

oreneta said...

Whew, felt left out of some of that, think I may have to, finally, watch Saturday Night Fever this summer. Haven't seen it yet. Abba, fun to sing, aren't they!

Janis said...

I am really not into those reality shows...sitcoms are my bag! Now who in the world does not like ABBA...Loved them from the very beginning of their career(way back then) and now its so cool for the grandkids to sing along with me to one of their songs.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I too, have never gotten into the Housewives shows. If you want to showcase a real housewife, showcase a woman who is juggling real life stuff. I don't need to see rich women complain because the housekeeper didn't go to the market.

My guilty pleasure: Big Bang Theory on CBS. LOVE that show!!

Trailboss said...

I have thought Dr. Drew was sexy for years. He and Adam Corolla had that late night show and Adam was so disgusting and Dr. Drew was the voice of reason.

I remember the first time I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show in Houston with some of my gay friends. It was shown every night in a small theater. One of us (or maybe all of us) took our booze in and there were no seats. I remember sitting on some kind of a cut out window type thing and trying to watch it but the audience was saying all of the lines and I couldn't figure out what was going on! Good times.

I have never watched any of the Housewives series which is amazing since I LOVE reality TV (some of it anyway. I watched The Bachelor Pad last night...tee hee hee).

I have found 3 oldies stations on the radio in my car. I heart them. I can tell you what they are if you want but I'll have to look at the radio to remember or else I would tell you now!

Bro. Dave said...

Rocky Horror is showing at the Orpheum in Memphis on Friday, August 20th. Showtime is 7:15! And the Memphis crowd always makes it fun! Why don'tcha come on down!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, Brother Dave, I would love do to that. If not for a wedding commitment that night I would seriously give it some thought. It's probably a lot of 40-something's who attend. LOL.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, and Rink, you're are so right. How could I have forgotten Elton? I love his early stuff.

Trailboss-You can email me those stations anytime. I especially like CBL and the one in Marion.