Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Package From Pawhuska

This week has just been one big hot mess. There is so much going on my head passed my fanny this morning, and they were each going a different direction. I lost my keys twice today at work. One time someone found them in the bathroom, and I'm not sure how that was possible as I don't think I had time to pee today.

Mama J. has been in the hospital, we closed on the sale of our old house today and work has been just crazy. Our 20th wedding anniversary was yesterday, and we were so busy trying to take care of Hubby’s parents we barely had time to kiss each other and say boo-yah. There have been all kinds of crazy times in recent days, from making ten gallons of homemade ice cream for an employee event to baking enchiladas for Hubby’s poker buddies to Holy Cow, the house insurance is due today! Each day has been a blur, and I'm pooped. As mama would say, my get up and go has done got up and went.

When I got home yesterday, I sat on the garage steps while Hubby gave me the rundown of his schedule before dashing back to his parents' house. It's like the 880 relay with each of us handing off information as we pass each other. We chatted for a few minutes, and as he headed toward the truck he casually mentioned that I had gotten a package in the mail. I picked it up off the work bench and saw that it was from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Now, I know only one person in Pawhuska. Actually, I don't know her. I just know OF her. And that's The Pioneer Woman. I always assume bloggers know who she is since she's pretty much the queen of blogging. But if you don't know about her, let just say she's a big stinkin' deal. I wanted to go to Nashville last December for her book signing there, but life was too busy and the event fell on a week night, so I ended up skipping the trip to Nashvegas. Which was a bummer because I love cookbooks, and I like getting them autographed by the author.
Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I won a copy of her cookbook over at Swampy's place. I thought it was pretty cool that I was gonna end up with the book all these months later, and I anxiously awaited its arrival. It landed on my doorstep yesterday, all the way from Pawhuska.

It's a lovely book with tons of PW's photos and some of my favorite recipes that she has posted on her website over the last couple of years. (The pizza crust recipe is great. You simply must try it, dahling.) The book was wonderful enough, but when I opened up the cover, I found this:

Sweet! An autograph, too! How cool is that, I ask? It was a great way to end a crappy day.

So a big shout out goes to Swampy today for the gift. It's fabulous dear, and I appreciate it more than you know. I thank you from the bottom of my grass skirt, and I love ya' more than my luggage.


A New England Life said...

My gosh that is just too cool! You are one lucky lady who really needed a pick-me-up.

How the heck Ree does what she does, I don't know. I'm assuming she has a LOT of help. No woman can be that Super, AND home school!

It sounds to me like someone might be a tad bit over committed ; )

Louisiana Belle said...

Congrats on getting a signed copy! I waited over 4 hours in Dallas for her signature and finally gave up. I love that cookbook and her recipes love my thighs. :/

Congrats on your 20th! Ours is coming up in October.

Hope life starts going a little smoother for you. Sometimes I think it's better to be busy than to have time to sit around and dwell on stuff. Thank you for helping me sort out my dilemma with my mother. You are very kind.

karisma said...

Sigh! Swampy is awesome! (for giving us the book) Ree is awesome (for making it for us!) YOU are awesome because you said Booyah! And I said that about a month ago and wondered where the hell that came from and what on earth did it mean? LOL! Glad to see I am not the only strange one out there lovely!(mind you after I said it, I called out to the kids, what does booyah mean? LOL) And thus far I have not had a chance to try out the recipes but I so loved looking at Ree's pictures of the punks, how they have grown up! And laugh at her witty remarks!

And you totally either had to pee and just forgot as it is so routine these days or someone else stole the keys! I would be going with that story! Have a great weekend!

And happy 20th anniversary...we had ours a couple of years back! Oh my dd1 is 22 on Sunday...does that make me old yet? I don't think so! hehe!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxo

oreneta said...

How fabulous is THAT! You'll have to do some of the recipes and let us know what you think. I thought maybe it'd be a lens, but this is mighty cool too.

MarieElizabeth said...

Good for you! Here's hoping it's a sign of more good things to come this week.

The Church Lady said...

Congratulations~! I really want her cookbook too. I think I may purchase one for my mom as a gift. She would love that.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm so glad you got a copy of the book and it was signed.

We LOVE her cookbook!