Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Rocked The Vote

I think I’m going to have to start a new regular feature here at ye old blog called “Catch Up Tuesday”. It will contain all of the tidbits I don’t seem to have time to blog about on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Whew! I want to know who cranked up the crazy control button at the Hula-gen household. If I catch him he’s gonna get thirty lashes with a wet dishrag. It’s back to bullet points while I try to get some things under control.

-The construction project is going well. The framing of the garage is up, and we have a hole in the yard with water. The concrete is poured and one of these days I’m going to write about how wonderful stamped concrete is. As long as you don’t walk on it while it’s wet with sealer. Not that anyone around this house would do something that foolish. I’m tired of pouring concrete since it’s like watching money slide right down that shoot, and the poor dog next door is going to have a nervous breakdown if we don’t get the concrete trucks out of our yard soon.

-I found this bee around the house this weekend. It was a little too big to swat, so I let it go.

-Get ready to be worn out with fall photos.

I spent a full day taking autumn pictures last week. Hubby and I traveled about an hour south of here to a large recreational area where we traipsed around lakes, woods and even a few buffalo. I could not stop taking photos, and you’re about to see them all. As soon as I get around to editing them. It was great to spend some time with Hubby without the world bombarding us with phone calls and demands. Initially, I did have to threaten to throw his phone into the lake before he realized how tethered he was to the dang thing. Shortly after that, we ran into an area where cell service was nil, so it prevented me from drowning the phone AND him.

-I did the studio shots of Teen Angel’s senior pictures and had two paying jobs last week. All went well, but great Gertie, it is tough getting a family of two adults, a three year old, a one year old and a dog to all look in the same direction, not blink and smile at the same time. It’s right up there with standing on your head on a high wire above Times Square. It was a blast though, they were a great family and now I have 976,000 photos to edit.

-Last night Papa T. declared my beef soup the best he’d ever eaten. Mama J. reminded him that it was beef stew. He said he could call it beef soup if he wanted to, dammit. Bottom line…I found something else with protein and vegetables that he will eat. That one’s a keeper. Tomorrow night I’m going to try to sneak asparagus by him.

-I have now purchased two Christmas presents and am in the process of creating two more that will involve an online order when I’m finished with my part. Best of all? I know exactly what I’m getting my parents and Hubby’s parents. That is the hardest part about Christmas shopping for me, so I’m terribly excited about this. We’ll not discuss how annoyed I am that ONCE AGAIN Mama J. is finished with hers nearly two months early. I want to be like that. I just can’t. I just can’t Christmas shop while wearing short sleeves.

-Our schnauzer, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, had some skin tags and cysts removed last week. I’m relieved none of them was cancerous. However, I needed a Valium when I saw the vet bill. The little stinker ripped open one of his wounds last night and had to have four more stitches this morning. I swear, it’s like having another kid. As I was dabbing Neosporin on his wound and covering it with a bandage last night I couldn’t help but think back to when I was a kid and we just let our dogs lick themselves back to health whenever they got hurt. We also fed them scraps with meat bones and they lived to a ripe old age. Sometimes, I wonder if we worry way too much about animal care.

-I want the world to know that most Kentuckians are not proud of the way the U.S. Senate campaign has gone in this state in recent months. All eyes have been on us since this is an important seat up for grabs, and most of those eyes are probably squinting over the crazy negative ads and the candidates’ claims. I was fortunate enough to hear both of them live in debate a few weeks ago, and I can confirm what most of you are probably thinking…that we should just start over with new candidates. One slings mud and slants the facts, and the other speaks in patriotic generalities while shirking details of his Libertarian plans for improving things in DC. I proudly voted this morning, but I stood there forever hoping a third candidate had magically appeared on the ballot overnight and would save me from choosing “between two evils”. I finally made a choice, but it hurt filling in that blank. Please don’t judge Kentuckians by the likes of Jack Conway and Rand Paul. The one encouraging thing about this election? My soon to be 18-year old last night declared that this would be the last election where she had to sit on the sidelines. That made my heart proud. Let’s just hope there’s someone she can be proud to vote for next May.


Louisiana Belle said...

Can't wait to see your fall photos! My favorite time of year even if Texas doesn't get any of the color. :(

I best keep my political opinions to myself, but I do think that we need to throw out the current batch and start over. Hope some of these career politicians get the message tonight.

oreneta said...

Catch-up Tuesday is an excellent idea, but I am going to need to take notes to keep up with the things I want to say!

Looking forward to the fall photos.