Friday, November 19, 2010

In The Grass...Again

I can't keep my head off the lawn. I looked out of the front window the other morning and saw a lovely layer of frost glittering in the sun. I couldn't resist it. Besides, it was either that or start the laundry.

Up close, frost can be a wonderful thing. It's a little like snow in that it comes in different shapes. Did you know that? It can hang in big clumps like the salt crystals on a tub of homemade ice cream.
It also comes in quartz like crystals that stand on their ends.

What was really interesting to watch was they way it literally melted in front of my eyes in the bright sunshine. One second it was there. The next it was almost gone.

Fascinating. And on a positive note, I think the neighbors are getting used to me lying in the grass in the front yard in the early morning.


Louisiana Belle said...

I've really been enjoying the frost pictures lately on Flickr. These are so great! We probably won't see any frost for another month or so.

J.G. said...

And no chiggers this time of year, right???

Marcie said...

Magical detail. I don't blame you for keeping your nose in the grass..

Jan n Jer said... neigbors think I am little crazy too. Those are great shots...frost can be just as pretty as snow.

The Church Lady said...

I just got a chill looking at those frosty pics! Amazing up close look at nature in her glory.