Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Catch Up

It seems like there are so many things I haven’t shared with you in recent days. Like the new camera I bought or the state of construction in our backyard or the general state of chaos in our lives right now. As my friend Yvonne would say, “Girl, sit yourself down and let’s talk a spell.” The three men who read this site can sit down, too. It works best if there's pie, though.

We are rapidly winding down on the construction of the garage and pool. The pool is done, and I’ll show you a picture of that in another post, but the garage is still a work in progress. It is under roof, and the stairs have been built. Every day when I come home Hubby has to show me around and give me an update. I’ve never seen a grown man be so excited about anything; except for that time he thought he saw Cameron Diaz at the Memphis Airport. The last couple of days I’ve missed taking pictures of the work because it’s been dark when I get home, but I’ve been documenting each step of the construction, and I’ll share some of those pictures with you soon. It’s very exciting. Bottom line? We should be done by the first week of December.

We had some illness in our house in recent days. Teen Angel had some kind of twelve hour stomach bug that took her out of school for one day. She swears it’s because I fed her an undercooked pork chop. She’s full of hooey. It was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of color in the very center. I’m just sharing my side of the story now because she keeps acting like she had trichinosis. Hubby had a cold which turned into the cold from hell and then into a sinus infection. I made that diagnosis a full 24 hours before he went to the doctor based on the description of that piece of lung he coughed up yesterday morning. The doctor confirmed my diagnosis this morning, gave Hubby a shot in the butt and a whole bunch of medicine. Hubby declared a new rule last night. He says from now on he’s going to call the doctor if he has an illness that lasts more than three days. It took only twenty years for him to declare me right on that issue. Why do men fight going to the doctor? So far, I’ve managed to stay well, but I keep washing my hands and picking up the remote control with my shirt sleeve. I also rinse my sinuses daily with the joy that is known as the Netti pot. I know it sounds gross, but it really does work. You just have to get past that gunk that winds up in the sink.

The anxiety that always surfaces in Hubby’s family during the holidays has already begun. I’ll refrain from elaborating on that, but let’s just say those folks keep me on my knees in prayer. Sometimes my eye twitches, too. Is there a twelve step program for surviving the holidays with people who drive you crazy?

I’ve not been a very good blogging buddy lately. I just haven’t had much time to comment. Because of my job, I head up our city’s big Christmas light display, and I’m all HOLY MOTHER OF MABEL IT’S ALMOST TIME TO TURN ON THE FREAKIN’ LIGHTS WILL WE GET EVERYTHING READY IN TIME right now, so my blog reading time is short. Rest assured, I am keeping up with the fun happenings at your blogs. Forgive me for not giving my two cents worth on your various posts. As if my opinion was needed.

I bought a new camera yesterday. An independent film maker who lives here is selling a bunch of photography gear that’s only slightly used. While there was a lot of eye candy and tempting stuff to buy, I had only a certain amount of money. I could either buy a nice camera that was similar to mine and still afford that big lens I’ve been saving for or I could buy a Mack daddy camera and start saving all over again for that lens. After two days of lens, camera, lens, camera, lens, camera, I decided I wanted the lens more. I decided to buy the smaller camera which is still a step up from my other camera and is a great camera. It’s in pristine shape with plenty of bells and whistles, and I now have a backup camera for shooting special events and don’t have to change lenses so much. Only 632 more items on my wish list to go!

I have to turn in an order tomorrow for Teen Angel’s graduation invitations. Be still my heart.
And I tried that cranberry pie over at the Pioneer Woman’s place last night. It was awesome. I recommend some sweetened whipped cream with it though. Or some ice cream. Or some crème anglese. Eating it plain, straight out of the pan with a knife works, too. In fact, I think it could work as a meal in itself.


Kara Hoag said...

I think wine is part of the twelve step program for surviving family on the holidays.

Janis said...

Busy is your middle name. Cant wait to see hubbys man fort!!!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

OH! A new, fun, fun! And I hear you about men and the doctor. What the heck?

Louisiana Belle said...

Congrats on the new-ish camera! Good decision waiting for the nice lens. That's really more important than the camera body.

The Girl Next Door said...

Wow you are busy and thanks for the updates! And you know I'll be crying with you all year on Teen Angel's graudation? I still miss the kids every day and can't wait til they come home this week!!

oreneta said...

NEW CAMERA!!! A gift for all of us in fact.

A New England Life said...

So what did you get for a camera? You can't just say you bought one and then not say what it is!

Don't feel bad, I haven't been commenting on blogs either. Tonight I finally felt like I had the time and initiative to show my face in the blogging world. Christmas is coming up quick and it surely takes up lots of free time!

Glad to hear the garage is coming along well, and that everyone is feeling better. I'm a big believe in the nettie pot also!