Monday, July 18, 2011

Short and Sweet. Just Like Those Scones.

-Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating every night this week with about forty people. That’s forty little Methodists. It’s vacation bible school week.

-The sixth hour of decorating for bible school last night felt like mile ten of that half marathon. Fortunately, I made it to mile thirteen, but sister mercy, this year was more exhausting than usual. Is there such a thing as a training schedule for bible school?

-Our theme for bible school is Kickin’ It Old School, featuring 80’s rock and roll, and I will be manning the audio visuals. I may finally realize my long time dream of playing Bruce Springsteen’s This Little Light of Mine video really loud in church. Sigh. Scratch one off the bucket list. Now if I could just get them to put cup holders in the back of the pews in the sanctuary.

-I love that even though I’m forty se…well, forty something, my mama still bakes me a pink birthday cake. The twelve year old in me would be disappointed without that pink cake.

-I love Facebook birthday wishes. Say what you will about Facebook but having birthday wishes posted on your wall throughout the day is just fun, fun, fun. And I’m all about the fun, fun, fun.

-I made it through Teen Angel’s first roller derby bout this weekend without having a heart attack. I’m sorry, but the mother in me just hates to see her baby get banged around, even though said baby likes it. Make no mistake, it is a full contact sport, and I just keep envisioning cracked ankles and broken teeth. I did a fair amount of cringing, but I muddled through and cheered. She managed to escape injury, too, so that part of it was fun. For me.

-Speaking of cheering, I’m just gonna go ahead and say this, catty though it may be. Those young cheerleaders they had at this bout in Clarksville, Tennessee? Lame-oh. I told Teen Angel that I might be forty se….I mean forty something, but I could out pom pom those young whippersnappers any day. Not that I SHOULD be out there on that skating floor, but if you need someone to shake some pom poms I’m your woman. The funny thing about it was that Teen Angel agreed with me. She witnesses my dancing skills all the time.

-Giddy moment of the weekend….I ordered our Paris Museum passes. Pinch me. Again. Please. Are you tired of hearing me say that yet?

- Teen Angel had the bakery make me amaretto scones for my birthday and then delivered those hot scones to me at work this afternoon. I have the best daughter evah. I will be hard pressed to share them. The bakery doesn’t make them anymore, so it could be another year before I get them again. Oh, how I love an amaretto scone. As my friend Yvonne says, might as well rub it on my arse ‘cause that’s where it’s goin’.

-Scones, pink cake and Bruce Springsteen. Sigh. All is right with the world.


book_chick81 said...

Happy birthday!! Enjoy the scones, they sound delish. And the museums in Paris will be unbelievable. I visited them when I was just younger than Teen Angel and it was an incredible experience.

Jan n Jer said...

Happy sounds like a super day with scones and everything! Have a great bible school week...I am sure it give you lots of blog fodder!

oreneta said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Glad they don't have roller derby up here. Very glad.

A New England Life said...

I haven't kept current with facebook birthdays lately so I'll say it here:

Happy Birthday!!!! You're the same age as me now! Aren't you excited? Ha!

Sounds like you never can quite get off the merry-go-round. Life for you is a constant circus. Can't believe you're going to Paris too! Dang girl, I'm SO jealous!!!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Happy Birthday, to you! :)

Living Life said...

Happy belated birthday Hula!! Those scones sounds de-lish! Hope the rest of your week goes well with VBS!

Trailboss said...

Happy belated Birthday! I saw it on facebook but work has me so busy that I can't do it at work and when I get home I just about pass out! I hope it was a great one.