Thursday, October 20, 2011


Because of his vision and hearing issues, Papa T. is pretty limited in his entertainment options. They pretty much amount to books on tape, which get a little old, and debating politics with me and Hubby, which is downright dangerous. He also spends a fair amount of time with the radio, listening to talk radio and various ballgames. He's mildly entertained by local high school football, but he's about to get really wound up because basketball season is about to begin. Around these parts University of Kentucky basketball is huge, and he is a card carrying member of the Big Blue Nation. As in he's been known to jump out of his recliner and say bad things when the Cats lose. Kentucky is ranked number 2 in the nation going into this year's season, and he couldn't be more excited. We ordered him a subscription to Cat's Pause, the team's monthly magazine, and a copy of the 2011 Wildcat Yearbook, thinking he would enjoy that. And the yearbook arrived in the mail the other day.

And because I apparently have the best enunciation in the family, I have been elected to read it aloud to him. All 300 plus pages. Folks, by December, I may be the only person who doesn't watch college basketball who can recite every stat on each Kentucky player. Ask me how tall Eloy Vargas is. Go ahead.

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J.G. said...

Okay, I'll bite. How tall is he? And . . . um . . . what's his free throw percentage?

(I have no idea what else to ask so please feel free to ridicule me.)