Monday, October 3, 2011

We're Probably Not Nearly as Funny as we Think we Are

Date: Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011

Location: Cracker Barrel, Western Kentucky

Time: Approximately 5pm

Hula: “What is the vegetable of the day?”

Server: “Lima Beans.”

Hubby: “Ooh, lima beans. I love lima beans!”

Hula & Teen Angel: “Really?”

Hubby: “Yes! I might get two orders of them.”

Hula: “Really?? You like them that much?”

Hubby: “Yes!!”

Hula: “Hmm. You seem awfully excited about this lima bean situation.”

Hubby: “I am!”

Papa T.: “I like lima beans, too, but I’m not gettin’ ‘em.”

Insert uproarious giggling from Hula and Teen Angel here.

About ten minutes later....a rousing round of whooping and hollering goes up from a large party at a table near the Hula-gen’s.

Hubby: “I wonder what that was about?”

Hula: “They heard there was lima beans.”

Insert high five between Hula and Teen Angel here.


A New England Life said...

Ha! I wish I were at your table! The quick wit doesn't end ; )

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Well, I happen to LOVE Cracker Barrell's lima beans too! (But I suspect that there may be a tad of bacon or ham in Husband had lima beans while incountry in Nam in 67-68 -- he said that the layer of grease was so thick on them that they would set them on fire....he doesn't care for them until this day/can't say that I blame him! Have a great week!