Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Question

So, I'm all about interaction and feedback this week. Your comments on the train photos were extremely helpful. I may do that more often. It helped me to definitely weed out the chaff and to narrow down my choices. It also gave me food for thought that has inspired me to try at least one other idea that requires me to learn something new about the technical side of photography and specifically how my camera works, so that's a good thing. Ideally, it also includes a somewhat muscular track athlete, but I haven't figured out how to pull that part of it off yet. We'll see.

Also, I just love seeing what, if anything, about an image, is appealing to people. Since I've never met most of you in person, it gives me glimpses of your personality, and I quite enjoy that. So, thanks for the feedback. And now, for the second chance for you to weigh in on something of interest to me.

On my last post, I found a comment from my friend in Spain, Oreneta, about her experiences with touch very interesting. It made me think about how touch, not just from another human being, affects me. There's texture of materials. And there's obviously the effects of passionate touch from another person. We're all pretty familiar with that. I hope. But I'm not really talking about that. I'm talking about all of the other more subtle forms of touch we enjoy. Personally, I love to have someone wash my hair. Whenever I get my hair colored, I absolutely love the part where Miss B. rinses, washes and rinses my hair again. She massages my scalp and makes me feel shiny and new. If I ever become extremely wealthy, I'm going to pay someone to do that for me more often. I also love the feel of a baby's tiny hand wrapped around my finger. There's something about that I find very comforting. There's so much strength and trust in that little hand.

And thanks to Oreneta's willingness to share, I'm now curious about the rest of you. Your thoughts please on touch, in any form or fashion, and how it affects you. You'd think I was working on a thesis or something the way I'm all yadda, yadda reflective on contact this week. Nope. Just nosey. Dare I ask? Have you hugged someone today?


Linda said...

Okay - touch. I LOVE having someone rub my head, and stroke my face. There is something so comforting about that kind of touch. Maybe it reminds me of my mother's touch...

As for hugs - today I have had many of them! I am visiting my sister and have had hugs from family and friends today! I love it!

Of course, I love the obvious lover's touch...but I also love the hugs of grandchildren. What a wonderful thought for the day today!

J.G. said...

What a cool idea! I bet everyone is brimming over with things to share.

I like it when the yoga instructor adjusts my pose - that touch is so firm and competent, impersonal yet helpful.

And when I win the lottery I am going to have someone change the bedsheets every day. There's something really great about the feeling of clean sheets.

Bro. Dave said...

In almost every instance, when Jesus healed a person, he touched them. There's a sermon in there somewhere.

oreneta said...

So glad this is extending, it's so fascinating. Then there is the dog, who comes up for a head massage about once an hour. We have to wait for months and go to the salon!

Jan n Jer said...

Hugs are my favorite touch...I just love the embrace of my Hubs,loved ones n close friends! I think everyone needs that human touch!