Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Wakeup Call

So the day started when I was awakened at 5:20am by the tornado sirens. I laid there for about three full minutes before my brain woke up enough to realize I needed to get my fanny up and see what all the fuss was about. A quick check of the TV motivated me to wake up my peeps and send everybody to the walk-in closet. Nothing like squeezing in together where we can all enjoy the plethora of combined amounts of morning breath. WHO had garlic last night? It was either garlic or somebody had been chewing on a dirty mop. And I'm not namin' any names, but it could have been me. I did take the time to pee before I crawled in the closet because I do have some vanity. On the chance that it was "my time to go" as we say in these parts, I was not about to be found in a tree in my neighbor's yard with urine all over my pajama pants.

The good news is that the tornadoes skimmed right past us. The bad news is that they rolled over the people living about an hour north of us in southern Illinois. At last count, six people were dead, more than 100 were injured and dozens had lost their homes. Awful. Just awful. As the crow flies, Mama and Daddy are in the vicinity of the storm's path, but they were untouched. And if those two don't build a storm shelter soon, I'm just gonna scream. They live on top of a hill where the winds come sweepin' down the plains on a regular basis it seems, and I fret every time a big storm blows through there. It would not surprise me at all if a tornado didn't send them flying into the next county one day. Seriously, they need a cellar.

A family on the other side of our county managed to escape injury when their trailer went end over end during the winds. Can you imagine taking that wild ride? I suspect you would expect to see Jesus any moment. I know I'd be callin' his name with every flip.

It was a bumpy start to what looks to be an early spring storm season. Oy vey. We spent a lot of time in the closet last year. If we're going to be in there as much this year, I'm gonna have to install a refrigerator and a laptop in there. Oh, and a bed for the dog. He does NOT like the closet. Something about the lack of treats and a Big A$@ Chair.

It seems as if the world is a bit out of kilter this week. First, a local soldier died in that mess in Afghanistan, then the tornadoes and now Davy Jones is dead. My favorite Monkee died of a heart attack. Can you believe it? What is this world coming to? Oh, and apparently, Lindsey Lohan finally got clean. Plus, Bill O'Reilley and I actually agreed on TWO issues in the past week. TWO. Pray up, brothers and sisters, it's the end of times.


Jan n Jer said...

Glad to hear your neck of the woods was spared the tornados! Sad about Davey Jones...he was just the cutest n I love Day Dream Believer still to this day!

Linda said...

Glad you are safe! I agree - the world is in such a turmoil these days - makes you wonder what is next! THere are some days the sadness is almost more than I can bear...

Living Life said...

Good to hear that you were not affected by the tornadoes. Mother Nature has been known to reak havoc, and you just never know when she will strike!

RIP Davey...he was the hottest, no?

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