Saturday, February 4, 2012

Going for a Spin

Another one of the fun and very touristy things we did in London was the London Eye. We initially planned to do it early on the first day of our trip but kept pushing it back for higher priorities as we got behind on our itinerary. We passed by it when we first visited Big Ben and saw the Thames so we did see it in the daylight.

But we ended up actually riding it on our last evening there, and in hindsight I'm glad it worked that way. It was a beautiful way to end that leg of the trip because we arrived at sunset and watched the sun go down as we boarded and started our ride. Our timing could not have been better because everything was beautifully lit by the time we reached the top.

We had some great views, and this is one of my favorite photos from the whole trip.

It's in the running for a stretched canvas print I want to hang in our master bedroom.

We even managed a picture of the two of us at the top because it was one of the few places I felt comfortable handing over my camera to a stranger. Whose going to run off with it when we're in an enclosed glass case several hundred feet above the ground, right?

Tip...the line for this can be long, and I suspect it will be horrible during the Olympics this summer, but you can eliminate that wait by buying your tickets online in advance, and while I'm sure a ride in the daytime is swell, I'd recommend the evening. The London Eye at night....a rousing coolness score of nine on a scale of one to ten.


oreneta said...

Never gone on it I have to confess....though I think I agree with you, the evening would make all the difference in the world.

Living Life said...

That's so cool. I think I have to agree with you...the night ride overlooking the city is beautiful. You got some spectacular shots!