Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three Things I Really Like This Week

This photo by Henri Cartier Bresson:

The father of street photography, he is probably my favorite photographer, and I could study his work all day long. He intrigues me, he makes me smile and most of all, he inspires me. If anybody knows where I can find someone who will dress up in a suit and and model for me, please let me know.

This video:

Have you seen this yet? If not, you should. It takes ten minutes, and I promise you it will be way better than any drivel on television you waste ten minutes on tonight. You must watch the whole video though. If you bail early you'll miss the best part. This little boy intrigues me, he makes me smile and most of all, he inspires me.

This video:

I'd like to say it inspires me, but really it doesn't, although I do like the concept. Mostly, I just like the song.

Toodle loo!


Jan said...

I love the photo and the video. My daughter posted Caine's Arcade, today and I'm posting it tomorrow.

Linda said...

Love that photo!

Living Life said...

That song by Gotye is spreading like wildfire here in the US. They sang it on Glee and the AI last night. It's so catchy! Thanks for sharing the video...I was getting ready to Google it myself! lol

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I love the arcade video!! Such a sweet boy and such a sweet story!