Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Weekend

My goodness, is it already the second week of April? With all the summer like weather we've been having for the past month, it feels like we skipped spring and went right into summer. I took a bit of a break the past few days to revive, refresh and renew my love for white chocolate Easter candy. I had a day off from work that I earned last Friday, and I immediately took it Monday, because oy vey, I needed to catch up on some stuff around the house. The laundry was about to overtake our laundry room because the stinkin' laundry fairy skipped our house AGAIN. That wench is going to HAVE to get it together. And then the refrigerator goblin left a mess in the fridge that appeared to be spilled fruit juice, but I'm not entirely sure about that. It could have also been meat blood. I just closed my eyes, wiped and hoped for the best.

And THEN there were some honey do's that my honey thought I needed to help him with. Which I didn't mind except he couldn't quite get his act together, and I spent a fair amount of time waiting on him yesterday when I could have been doing something important. Like getting a pedicure. We stopped by the pool shop to leave a water sample and spent thirty minutes in there while he talked nonstop to every employee about everything from North Korean missiles to losing weight. They actually offered him a job selling pools while we were there, obviously, because he can talk to ANYONE about ANYTHING. Then we proceeded to drive to our next stop where he told me, "Now, don't piddle around in here, we've got things to do." I stopped in the middle of the Wal-mart parking lot and said, "Really? Did you just insinuate I'm holding you up?" He gave me that what the heck are you talking about look and hustled inside like his pants were on fire. Great Gertie, I love that man, but we came within a hair of having that scene from Moonstruck where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says, "Snap out of it!"

I was willing to cut him some slack though because he spent Sunday doubled over in pain from what Dr. Hula suspects was a gallbladder attack, and he really wasn't much better yesterday. Today, the doctor scheduled him for a scan of his gallbladder, so we should find out next Monday if Dr. Hula and her internet research is right or if something else is wrong. If it's his gallbladder and there's some kind of surgery looming, pray for us brothers and sisters. I'm not namin' any names, but someone around here is NOT a good patient. The last time he had outpatient surgery I waited until the anesthesia wore off, handed him a package of frozen peas for the swelling and left town with Teen Angel. I kid you not.

I did manage to start a new project this weekend. I'm taking two old Adirondack chairs and trying to turn them into something similar to this:

I'll let you know how it goes. So far, I've managed to sand them, paint the base colors on one and spray paint my somewhat bare feet orange. Which I didn't notice until I got to work this morning and discovered the orange outline of my flip flops on the top of my feet. Darn fluorescent lighting. I showered twice yesterday, but obviously, I didn't scrub hard enough on the tops of my feet. It would have been nice to have noticed that before I put on flats and drove to work. And headed out to a meeting with six other people. Insert sigh here.

It looks to be a busy week. (When is it not?) I have two batches of photos to edit for customers, some work projects to launch and the chairs to finish painting. There's also the issue of feeding and taking care of my peeps. Those crazy people like to eat EVERY day. Can you believe it? And I haven't been to the grocery store in days, so we're having a week of let's make something up from whatever is in the freezer and the pantry. It's like the last week of lunches for the school year in the school cafeteria. And I need to chase down that laundry fairy 'cause girlfriend is gettin' on my last nerve. She also failed to wash my workout clothes this weekend, which meant I had to do them at 9:45 last night when I discovered her oversight. She needs to get it together. I'd hate to have to confiscate her wings.


Linda said...

Honestly, girl, I have tears in my eyes reading this...you stole my life! I read it aloud to my hubby and he asked if I was trying to insinuate something...I was laughing so hysterically I could hardly get through the rest of it. Thank you for the best belly laugh I have had in a very long time!

oreneta said...

With Linda.....sometimes life just gets a little out of hand and needs a slap upside the head, no?

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Glad I could provide you with a good laugh. That's what gets us through the ups and downs of marriage, no?