Tuesday, April 3, 2007

25 Years Later

My fears have been confirmed. My 25th high school reunion is going to take place this summer. I’m excited and a little afraid. I missed the 5th reunion because I just didn’t care. I passed on the 10th because I was four days away from giving birth and was absolutely miserable. Besides, who wants to go to a reunion looking like a beached whale? I didn’t even have decent shoes that fit at that stage of pregnancy. I did make it to the 15th, and that was somewhat fun and interesting. Some people had changed quite a bit. Others were their same old shallow selves. What’s worse than a self absorbed Homecoming Queen? A 30-something woman who is trying to get elected to the Homecoming Court she still believes exists somewhere in adult-land. We didn’t have a 20th reunion, so it will have been at least 10 years and in some instances 20 plus years since I have seen some of these folks. It should be pretty interesting. Some folks are on their second and third marriages. Many don’t have any hair and most are carrying more weight than they did at age 17. Some have grown children. Others are on their second careers. I can’t wait to see how everyone is approaching middle age. I’m pretty excited that right now I can wear the same dress size I wore during my senior year. My goal is to keep from puffing up and blowing that before reunion time. Yeah, it’s vain, I know, but the ghosts of high school are hard to beat. I wasn’t the most popular kid in school, but I wasn’t at the bottom of the ladder either. I was in the middle with a bunch of regular looking, smart kids who are now the successful movers and shakers of their community. Yea for the nerds, the band geeks, the science club officers and the wall flowers! We have blossomed and are running the world. I can’t wait to celebrate our successes.


janjanmom said...

How could you so casually hide a blog from me? I almost missed it. I deleted the email and thought...did I just see hula girl under her name???

I am reading it all....bruhahaha(evil laugh).

Same dress size?????!!!GO YOU!!

hulagirlatheart said...

You know, I wasn't really hiding. Sometimes I just forget to share because I have an automatic signature on my emails. Also, I've written poems, stories etc for a long time, but they're always really personal, so it's hard for me to share. Who would have thought I would be shy about anything???

Susie said...

I found your blog by way of jan, and I've really enjoyed it. : ) I figured anyone who was advertising for an aerobics class at church was worth investigating her blog. ; )

I had to laugh at you being pregnant at the time of your reunion. I was 8 months preggo with my daughter when my 10 yr. reunion came around. Since I have always had my babies early, and I live 2 states away from my high school, it didn't seem a good idea to go. ; ) Maybe for my 25th . . .

hulagirlatheart said...

Thanks Susie! Yea! Somebody found me. When you're just starting out, you wonder if anyone ever reads what you write. I feel like I just got picked first in line for dodgeball.:) I'll be sure to check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

I will be going to my 50th reunion this summer, and, like you, I'm also excited.

It's great that you will be wearing the "same size dress that you did in your senior year." That's really all that matters.

The fact that your classmates have had accomplishments, failures, joys, tragedies, births, deaths and all other phases of life probably won't mean much to you.

Some of your comrades will be there to renew old friendships, feel sadness for others' losses and rejoice in their prosperities.

You may be missing the true meaning of "reunion."