Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Finish Line

I am SO excited. I ran my first 5k today and placedTHIRD in my age bracket! While I'm not sure how many women ages 40-44 were running, I'm told there were more than three, so it wasn't a charity win. My goal was to run the entire length of the race without pooping out and walking. I met that goal and even beat my normal mile time by a couple of minutes. That was good enough for me. Plus I won a door prize. Blessings all the way around! I didn't expect to place, and I needed to attend to my father in law, so I scooted home without staying for the awards ceremony. A friend who stayed called me after I got home to share the good news. I felt like I'd won the Boston marathon. I get a little trophy and everything. Now I've been bitten by the racing bug. I picked up fliers today for two more races. I was so impressed by today's overall winner. He runs a 5 and a half minute mile. Jiminy Christmas! I couldn't run that fast if my butt was on fire. He was hitting the finish line as I hit the halfway mark. He looked to be well over 40. In fact, a lot of the folks I saw today were over 40. Yea for my generation and those older than us. We still got it! For how long, I'm not sure, but we're hanging in there. If I do more races, I hope to improve my time, but I think I could run 100 more races and no other trophy would mean as much as today's.

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