Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh My!

Things that make you go “Oh my”:
-The lady I saw today wearing leopard print pajama pants and a T-shirt with a spray painted message that was obscured by a dozen beaded necklaces.
-The ratty state of the panties I pulled out of the underwear drawer this morning.
-Putting on those ratty panties instead of chucking them.
-The state of my husband’s hair when he was scared out of bed by a 6am phone call.
-The REALLLY loud rumble of my digestive system today after a round of baked beans yesterday.
-The spiders painted on the fake nails of the lady at the drive-in window at McDonalds.
-Writing a $1006 check to the IRS today because we didn’t plan our deductions well enough this past year.
-33 people losing their lives in a senseless shooting on a snowy morning in Virginia.
-The fact that despite such a horrible day in our nation’s history, we are blessed to have the opportunity to start fresh tomorrow on ways to end that kind of violence and pain.