Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hula and Hubby Plus Eight

Moving teaches you a lot about yourself, especially if you’ve been in one home for a long time, say fifteen years. Sorting through all of your belongings is eye opening. And cleansing. And sometimes downright confusing. Besides sending you down memory lane, it can leave you scratching your head and asking how in the world you ended up with this. Or that. Or THOSE.

Like eight pounds of powdered sugar. Eight! I took this picture before I found the other four pounds.
That number doesn’t include the powdered sugar in the canister on the kitchen counter or the partial bag I’m sure is sitting in the freezer. Apparently, I’m hoarding it for some butter cream icing emergency.

I also have eight kinds of flavorings. Can you tell I use a lot of almond extract?
By the way these all went to the new house. Christmas cookie season is the around the corner, baby, and you never know when you’ll need orange flavoring. Since I use about a quarter teaspoon of mint flavoring a year, it will be Christmas of 2015 before I get rid of those two bottles.

I was shocked to find that I have eight (are you seeing a trend?) loaf pans. I got yer small loaf pans, yer ceramic loaf pan, yer glass loaf pan and one metal one that was so dinged up and nasty that I turned it upside down before I took the picture.
I kept two and got rid of the rest.

The item that wins the puzzler prize turned up last night. I loaded all of my underwear, socks and pajamas into boxes and took them to the new house. As I was putting them away I discovered that I have a lot of underwear. A LOT. As I was stacking panties I said to myself, “Self, I’ll bet you’ve got sixty pair there.” So I counted them out of curiosity, and found 94 pair. Ninety-four!!! I didn’t take a picture because I heard my mama’s voice in my head saying, “Nobody wants to see your drawers, and even if they did you don’t need to show em’ to people.” She’s right. The World Wide Web doesn’t need to see that, but take it from me; it was a mighty big stack. Apparently, in my quest to find the perfect panty over the last year…or three….I’ve bought and bought and bought and saved and saved and saved one of every brand out there. I even had that old panty girdle I bought right after I gave birth to Teen Angel (seventeen years ago) when I just had to fit into a certain little black dress. It was ridiculous. I weeded that stack down to a respectable level and vowed not to let THAT happen again.

We are one day away from sleeping in the new house. I am off of work tomorrow and plan to wrap up the moving of household items, but I’m a little worried. I have to tackle the bathroom cabinets, and I’m afraid I’m about to find out just how many bottles of lotion I really have. I’m guessing at least eight.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I can tell you exactly why you have 94 pair--the quest to find the perfect panty! One that doesn't bunch, pinch, ride's a tough quest and important research took place!

The Church Lady said...

Really? 94 pair? BTW, why do they call it "pair" of underwear?

That is too funny Hula!

Cruise Mom said...

Thanks for reminding me why I never want to move!

Janis said...

Now that is a lot of underwear...I have one dozen pair of undies...if you really think about many do you really need!!! There is seven days in a week and most of us wash clothes at least once a week some do the math. Yep moving is a real eye opener. But it is a good way to clean out clutter and downsize. N in my case...I learned to stop buying. Good luck with the move...hope your rested!