Monday, November 16, 2009

An Unexpected Turn of Events

While I was at work today, SOMEBODY moved our clothing to the new house. Every last stitch of it. As in emptied out the walk-in closet and left Hula with a winter hat and a coconut bra. As in Hula had to go down to the new house to pick up something to wear to work tomorrow. SOMEBODY mentioned that I wanted HIM to speed up this moving process, so he was just trying to accommodate me. SOMEBODY was smiling sweetly as he explained that.

And I think I heard him whisper, "Checkmate."

Ha! A worthy opponent is he.


Mia said...

Your move has turned into an Olympic event!! Boo-Ya!!

Janis said...

Watch out what you wish just might get it...haha

Jason, as himself said...

This is getting exciting.

oreneta said...

So...when does the bed go...once you're sleeping there it's official!

A New England Life said...

Just what a woman needs, a man with moxie!

I thought you had already moved in. Guess that shows how far I am behind on your moving drama.