Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're Moved!

Well, except for the garage and attic contents which are sitting sadly at the old house like orphans during a potato famine, but basically we are moved. We have worked our fannies off during the last four days to get things hauled into the new house, and we’ve been sleeping there since Friday night. As I suspected the process of sifting through our belongings and leaving a home of fifteen years has put me in a sentimental mood this past week. I guess it has as much to do with my grief over Sissy’s death as anything. After all, her house is now our house. Our bed sits in the same position her bed did, and as I laid down Friday night I couldn’t help but imagine the thoughts that used to go through her head as she waded through her insomnia and depression each night. I didn’t dwell on it though. I’m past that in my grief now, and I rarely linger very long over what ifs. Being in her house does make me feel closer to her, in a good way.

I thought we had a day or two to breathe a little and catch up on our rest before we tackled the task of cleaning the old house, but the real estate agents like to play this little game called Bringing Over A Prospective Buyer When the Owners are Least Prepared. A call from an agent yesterday about a visit today sent us into major cleanup mode last night. While it still needs a little work, the house is presentable for today’s visitors whom I hope won’t notice that stain inside the cabinet that used to hold canned goods. While it’s not horrible, it’s…..okay, it’s kind of horrible. As I was scrubbing away my manicure on the kitchen cabinets last night I did have the thought that all of those days that I blew off deep cleaning the kitchen to lay by the pool with a book and a beverage were finally “coming home to roost” as mama says.

We have sold the old furniture to a lady we know, and she should pick it up any day now. That will leave the old house empty except for the attic and garage boxes, which we will likely deal with when they become urgent. If the house doesn’t sell soon, I’m just going to enjoy the holidays and not worry about those boxes until January. All in all, it’s been a fairly smooth transition. One of these days when I’ve learned where everything is and have time to go through my files, I’ll give you some before and after photos of the renovations, but for now I’ll just share a few tidbits:

-The dog and cat are a little perplexed by the change of scenery. While they haven’t wigged out on us, they silently follow us all over the house. All day. Every time we turn around they’re at our feet. It was a little disconcerting when I was taking my shower yesterday and looked through the glass to see both of them sitting in the bathroom floor watching me with great interest.
-I kept forgetting to bring my robe to the new house. Yesterday, when I walked the dog at 5:45am I had on Teen Angel’s pink crocs, baggy pajamas, a running jacket and a bandana in my hair. I figured none of the new neighbors would see me at 5:45 anyway. Just as I reached the curb and the dog hiked his leg, I heard, “tap, tap, tap”. “Oh, no”, I thought. Sure enough, there was a neighbor, jogging toward me in the dark. The neighbor I see at every 5K race I attend. I sheepishly said, “Mornin’” and picked up my robe last night.
-I didn’t have time to take many pictures during the moving process, but I did take a moment to snap this one. Look, eight bottles of lotion! What did I tell you?
-I’ve always wanted a pantry where I could store all of our food and the dozens of kitchen appliances and gizmos I own. I have one now, and it’s as good as I had hoped. Thank you, Jesus.
-We went three days without television, and we MISSED it. It was like the ice storm all over again, without the darkness. And the cold. And the exhaustion.
-While it’s still a house and not yet a home, it will soon feel like home. We know it will take a little time, but some of us have already found a place for our favorite things.


Mike Golch said...

it does take a little time for a new house to become you own home.The time will flyby and before you know it it will be home.

The Church Lady said...

Hooray for you! "A house is made of walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams."

J.G. said...

Wow! Congrats on your new digs. It will feel like home in short order. And in time for the holidays, too.

It sounds like something of a truce between the cat and the dog (at least when you're in the shower?). Maybe a change of scenery puts them on better footing, because it's "their" territory now, and she probably knows the layout a lot better than he does.

Janis said...

phewww..glad your in. May you n yours start the process of building warm memories and new traditions in your new home. Enjoy Your Thanksgiving...you are truly blessed!

Swampy said...

"How much is that doggy in the window...?"

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Trailboss said...

I'm happy to hear yall are moved in. When we moved to our house 5 yrs ago this week I swore I would never move again. It is such a chore! The dog and cat will be settled soon, just like the 3 of you. I loved your comment about them in the bathroom staring at you. Sounds like my girls!