Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hula's Photo of the Week

Not that I have one every week. It just sounded like a good title.

One thing I've discovered about macro photography is that bugs and butterflies don't stand still very long. As Daddy says, they're like worms in hot ashes.


Trailboss said...

You are killing me with your new lens. I am DYING for one! Of course that would mean I would just have to get a new camera which I want anyway. Perhaps a savings acct is in my near future!

Jan n Jer said...

Love those macro's

J.G. said...

The world is extra-beautiful close up. Love this!

A New England Life said...

Worms in hot ashes? Can't say I've heard that one before though it sounds like something my own father would say!

Girl, you need to start making your wonderful photos larger on your blog! And just so you know, I want a new camera! Okay, I've said it.

Picture of the Week would be a good addition.

Louisiana Belle said...

Oh, wow. This is wonderful. A macro is my next lens!