Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foot Notes

Teen Angel's school choir wrapped up the year with their annual spring concert. They sang lovely, by the way. And the school band was great. (Except that extended piece from Phantom of the Opera went waaaaay too long, Mr. Band Director.)

I enjoyed it immensely, but the whole time I kept looking at Teen Angel's shoes and shaking my head. There is no stinkin' way I could have stood on those risers in those heels all night long. Ah, the vanity of youth. She certainly didn't inherit her love of sky high shoes from me.

My other thought throughout the evening was what parent gives his sixteen year old child permission for a tattoo that wraps around her foot? Are you kidding me???


Jan n Jer said...

Only the young can stand to wear those high shoes...I used to when I was that I wear boring flat shoes with an arch support! sigh..:( As far as that tattoo...who will that girl blame when years to come she wants it removed.

A New England Life said...

Do you think it was a real tattoo? My daughters friends parents were going to let her get a tattoo while they were in California recently, and she's only 16. Not sure if they did or not.

Yes, youth is far more suited for high heels than this 45 year old. They hurt! My poor feet can't take it anymore.

Glad the concert was so nice! My younger daughter just had hers last week.

The Church Lady said...

I share teen angels love of high heels. The fashionable look outweighs the discomfort!

J.G. said...

Aren't wedges more comfortable than spikes? (I've been in flats so long, I can't remember.)

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

This ol' senior citizen LOVES those shoes...and would wear -- (and did waaaaaay back) --- similar shoes in a heartbeat if my old feet would just let me. I'm in the "go for it while you can" club..LOL. Now I wear "European comfort shoes"...sigh.

Tammy said...

LOVE the shoes! I'm almost 40 and still wear cute shoes and just pay for it later with aching feet. Wedges are actually much more comfy than spikes and not bad at all.