Monday, May 10, 2010

Forgive Me While I Get All Philosophical For A Moment

In recent weeks as I've observed nature and watched young women dress up for prom, I've drawn some similarities between the two. Notably, we are often so distracted by the showy flowers that we fail to notice the beauty of the average bloom that worries more about being a part of the party instead of the life of the party.
It's a shame so many young women don't realize that the exotic flowers often fade quickly, and it's the quiet beauty and inner strength of the average petals that hold up the forest.


The Church Lady said...

That is a great analogy, Hula!

janjanmom said...

I look at pictures of myself in my youth and marvel at how beautiful I looked. I never felt it a bit-I was too busy feeling inadequate by all the girls I thought were prettier. Little did I know, they felt the same.

Youth is wasted if you never allow yourself to feel special-because you are.

A person beautiful on the inside can't help but be gorgeous on the outside too.

J.G. said...

You are so right! The quieter flowers are just as beautiful, in their own glorious way.

oreneta said...

Well put.

Janis said...

So very from within can only pour over to the outside. It is far better to blossom at your own speed then to bloom and fade at an early age.