Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gentle on my Mind

*Let me apologize in advance for any whining or self pity expressed here this week as I take care of Hubby and two ailing elderly folks, the neediest of which is NOT the man who just had his foot sliced open and sawed on.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to dwell on things in the past couple of days, especially while I was waiting at the hospital, and random thoughts came to mind.

1. The delicious taste of cubed cherry Jello with whipped topping in a school or hospital cafeteria cannot be replicated at home.

2. A hospital’s legal counsel would probably advice a nurse against admitting to a patient’s wife that the patient was accidentally given a double dose of morphine, no matter how much the patient’s wife laughed at the husband’s behavior.

3. If Charlie Sheen falls in the woods, and the media doesn’t show up, does anyone hear it?

4. I owe my mother-in-law a debt of gratitude for keeping me in frequent conversation with God.

5. A sure fire way to motivate you to eat right and exercise is to try on swimsuits when they first hit the racks in February.

6. There is no joy like accidentally discovering in your office cabinet a Ziploc bag full of Reese’s cups left over from a recent marketing activity. Joy, joy, JOY!

7. Living in the Middle East probably sucks.

9. The need for a new appliance or expensive car repairs is directly proportional to the amount of income tax refund you receive.

10. Seeing two patches of daffodils, a handful of crocus and four yellow dandelions in bloom during a midday run sure gives you hope that all will eventually be right in the world and in your life.


The Church Lady said...

@ #5 - Great idea! I just received my swimsuit catalog in the mail today. Sigh.

@ #10 - A sure sign that Spring is right around the corner!

Hang in!

TACMAC said...

#10 - saw a few of those daffy-daffs today....trying to stretch out for one more tasty beam of sunshine. You don't know how we hope this Lexington weather does NOT produce any cold blast to nip their yearning little buds. (it would be hard to believe that this feels like the middle of yankee territory!! Who would ever think the SOUTH would be your beautiful RIVER CITY.... LOL!!)

No swimsuits around here...still wearing scratchy old wool!!

Keep on Keeping On, Hula - you are doing just fine!!! ALL THE BEST!!!

oreneta said...

No need to apologise and not particularly whiney either. Hang in there, hope it all gets done and gone. Pool season round the corner!

I loved the comment about the nurse and the, yup. I wouldn't be admitting that.

Jan n Jer said...

# 2...yep...they can kill you in hospitals!!!
#4...its good we can talk to God at any given time!
#10...spring is just around the corner...keep the faith!

J.G. said...

I'd much rather think about Reese's than swimsuits, though reality will set in eventually.

Hang in there, okay? This too shall pass.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Oh I how wish #10 was happening here! We're supposed to get ANOTHER foot of snow next week.

I can't take it anymore! I WANT SPRING (without flooding of course!).