Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Good news! Hubby went back to the doctor Wednesday and got the surgery dressing off of his leg. He’s now down to a big bandage and a sock to catch any of the blood on those occasional times when it seeps a little blood. Which means he’s no longer the crankiest person on our block. He has graduated from crutches to a cane or rather this carved walking stick he pulled out of the attic. Teen Angel called it his pimp stick, and as my friend Randall would say, she ain’t wrong. While he won’t run any foot races any time soon, and the sole of his foot feels like burning coals, he’s recovering as he should and finally able to get around the house. He even drove himself to the doctor Wednesday, which wasn’t my favorite idea of the week, but as Charlie Sheen has proven, you can’t always make people do what’s best for them. He’s my own little assassin warlock.

Bad news. Papa T.’s eye surgery has not fixed the problem. He’s been in and out of the eye doctor almost every day for the past week. They will decide Monday if they are going to repeat the surgery. What little vision he has may be gone for good. We hope not, but it’s not looking good. Double bad news-If they do the surgery again, he’ll have to wear TWO big metallic eye patches, giving him some kind of Super Fly look. Health problems are so humbling.

Good news! My running is going exceptionally well these days. I’ve been incorporating some longs runs into my weekends this month, and Sunday I ran nonstop for an hour and 45 minutes. I think I finally have my mental focus under control. Let’s hope it lasts. I’m about 90% sure I’m going to sign up for a half marathon our city is hosting Mother’s day weekend. It’s called the Iron Mom. I want to prove to myself I can do better than I did during my first half, but I also really want one of those T-shirts that says, “Run Like A Mother”. I may make that my new running mantra.

Bad news. The new swimsuits are on the rack. I tried some on the other night and besides questioning who thought fluorescent lights in a dressing room were a good idea, I decided that my body issues can be summed up in one word, “droopy”. I had to check under my knees to find my butt cheeks.

Good news! Teen Angel’s new knee pads and safety gear for roller derby arrived. They’re much thicker and better fitting than the ones she had been borrowing. I can quit worrying about her cracking her knees apart on the hard floor. Some.

Bad news. They finally announced the date for the Buffett show in Nashville. It’s Memorial Day weekend, which I would normally be excited about. However, it falls less than 24 hours after Teen Angel’s graduation and Project Graduation event. I am too old to stay up all night, drive to Nashville and stay up part of another night, especially if there are margaritas involved. I think I’m going to have to pass on Buffett this year, and that does not make me happy.

Good news/bad news-You decide. I’m learning how to run the new audio/visual system at church. I will soon be able to control the sound, cameras and projectors used during church. I’m thinking they should be afraid. Very afraid. You think they’d get the joke if I dropped in a few bars of AC/DC one morning?

Have a good weekend, y’all!


Anonymous said...

Buffett's also going to be in St. Louis in May and Cincinnati in August. Nashville's not the only option! (Didn't you say someting about taking Teen Angel to France? Paris is on the schedule, too!)

How could you not go to "FinLand"?!

alphawoman said...

Good luck with the half marathon. I would love a Run like a mother t-shirt too! But I will be in Memphis on Mother's Day - I think. Heck - I'd sign up just to get a t-shirt.