Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, I could be all righteous and scream something like, “Wildcat THIS!” given Kentucky’s unexpected win in the NCAA yesterday, but that would be a little dishonest given that I did not pick them to advance this far in my bracket. Dadgum Ohio State screwed me up. I was as high as second place in the office pool until Saturday evening. I took a big tumble to #10 after the Kansas disaster (sorry Rink) and the Cats’ win. There was that whole Butler thing Saturday night, too. I had picked Florida to win, but I was actually rooting for Butler. How can you not? What a Cinderella story, and hello, cutest little coach EVER.

Is he really an adult? Or is he a mathematics major who is pulling the greatest scam in the NCAA ever? He is cuter than a speckled pup underneath a rosebush. I just love it when the underdog wins; although I think we can all quit calling Butler the underdog now, given their performance during the past two seasons.

Hubby was embarrassed because I refused to leave Rafferty’s restaurant Saturday night until the end of the Butler-Florida game. He might have been a little more embarrassed because I was hootin’ and hollerin’ out loud. Along with the elderly gentleman at the next table. There were plenty of empty tables, and the servers there have that whole everybody waits on everybody system, so I didn’t feel like I was costing our server any tips, and I was just GLUED to the game. When I finally gave up my seat I found Hubby waiting in the…well, the waiting area. Patiently. I love that man, and the way he puts up with me when I’m a pain in the patooty.

We are not big sports fans in our house. Oh, we love watching live sports when people we know are involved, especially kids. Gosh, T-ball is one of the best forms of entertainment there is on a summer night, and we’re the best cheerleaders in the world. But as a rule, we don’t watch college or professional sports on TV. It’s one of the reasons I married Hubby. I don’t have to worry about scheduling our lives around the NBA or the NFL. There is the occasional bull riding event, but that’s a rarity. Besides, I can just wait until he falls asleep in mid-rodeo, steal the remote and flip it over to Food Network. He just isn’t into watching sports, and neither am I.

There are two exceptions for me. Well, three. I love ice skating. What can I say? It’s a chick thing. I will watch every hour of Olympic coverage and savor each one, and I love the NCAA tournament. The tournament is great because there are always big upsets. The athletes are not overpaid jocks putting forth just enough effort to collect a big paycheck and score with a woman in every town while their wives sit at home with the kids. They are kids who play with their hearts and put it all on the line every time they step onto the arena floor. There are great stories to be told about these players and their teams as they ride the thrill of victory and the agony of da feet. It’s one big soap opera, and that’s why I like it. I sit on the sidelines all winter long and then jump into the cheering when the Big Dance starts in March. I don’t really have a favorite team. I root with my heart, so my fellow Kentucky fans will forgive me for jumping onto the Wildcat wagon at this late juncture. What can I say? I can’t win the office pool anyway, and I love a good comeback. Go Big Blue!!


J.G. said...

March Madness is basketball at its best! I start paying attention now, too.

The rest of the time, I enjoy minor league or college baseball for the same reason--real sports without the big bucks and the manufactured "fan experience."

Go, Butler!

The Church Lady said...

Congrats on the win! My hubby keeps saying he is giving up football this year. Yeah, right.

Rink's Ramblings said...

Hula, if you read my blog from last week you would know KU's fall was coming. The Jayhawks didn't have the guard play they needed to go to the big dance... VCU did!

alphawoman said...

Where I live (Clarksville) there are not a lot of Blue Blue Nation around to celebrate with. I founcd myself trading favorite moments in the Ohio State win with a 12 year old at the fashion show on Saturday! Geez...I had to work during the game Sat and had my husband tape it for us. When I hightailed it home and saw his face when he opened the door for me I knew. A terrific high, I watched the game anyway. There is a three minute video on Facebooka bout the crowd that met the plane at Bluegrass Field. I can't tell yu how many times I have been part of that crowd while living in Ver. I would have been there this year if it wasn't four hours away!!lol. Not a better feeling in the world than being in a big Cat fan love fest!

alphawoman said...

I mean he taped the game on Sunday.