Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got Flavor?

I was perusing the Irish cream dessert recipes over at The Pioneer Woman’s site this morning, and my, what a peruse THAT was. If it’s one thing I love it’s desserts made with Irish cream. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi (I didn’t get anywhere near the correct spelling on that the first time..or the second or third time) to cookies. And cakes. And beverages. And cream sauces. And anything else that could use a splash of smooth. Anyhow; it reminded me of something I forgot to share with you back during the holidays. One day in December, I started digging around in my cabinets for something I had lost and ended up pulling out every bottle of flavoring I use in cooking. And came up with this:

Proof that Hubby is right when he says I like to have one of everything in the kitchen. Eighteen bottles of extracts and liqueurs. You want citrus? I got it. Maple? No problem. Coffee flavors? Nut flavors? Mint? I’m all over it. In fact, I’m not sure there’s a flavoring I don’t have. Is this a problem? I think not. Other than the fact, I can’t decide which one I like best. I’m partial to amaretto, but sister mercy, that Godiva white chocolate liqueur is heaven with a straw. Not that I drink it with a straw. I like to sip my chocolate martinis straight out of the glass, thank you.

Honestly, I rarely make drinks with the liqueurs. I usually just throw them into any and everything sweet I cook around this place. If you’re a teetotaler and come to my house, don’t worry, I can whip you up something without alcohol. Just don’t light a match near those cookies on the counter.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I thought I was bad....girl! You've got me beat!


Louisiana Belle said...

Wow, that's a lot of flavorings. You are just too cute.