Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Foxes

Among the crazy assortment of critters that wander into our backyard on a daily basis are some foxes.  We've seen as many as four out there at the same time.  Right now, we're seeing two.  We think they're mates and that they have babies.  They step out of the edge of the woods, slip over to the pile of cat food and scraps Hubby tosses out there and eat up.

They also get a big drink out of the water bucket Hubby fills up.

That's the same bucket, by the way, that the big raccoon likes to bathe in. 
Interestingly enough, we discovered recently that the foxes like bread.  I tossed out some slices of old bread, and they gobbled it up.  Once they ate their fill though, they each put two pieces in their mouths and carried them off.

We've noticed they've done that several times.  We think they're feeding their babies with those extra slices.  Sister mercy, how cute would it be for a couple of little foxes to wander into our sight?


Linda said...

I would be so thrilled to see them! I used to see red foxes at my grandmother's house, playing in the field...and I loved watching them!

Mike Golch said...

That would be a cool sight indeed.