Thursday, June 7, 2012


So, today I had to rent a costume for a Cancer Society fundraiser next week at which I have to be a celebrity waiter.  I needed a 1920's dress for the Midnight in Paris theme I've picked for my table.  In the midst of trying on outfits at the costume shop at lunch, I walked out of the dressing room and onto the large platform in the store to see myself in the mirror.  I walked right past the three men trying on cowboy costumes for some kind of skit they're doing this weekend.  After I stood on the platform for a little bit, I turned around and realized the bottom of my skirt was hung up in the top of my panties.  Hello, Hula butt!

And THEN, when I drove back to work, I walked around a little in front of several coworkers and then realized I had failed to zip my pants.  That is now three out of the four days in this work week that I have embarrassed myself.  I think we can just go ahead and declare me the winner of the Head up the Butt Award.  Or the Dress up the Butt Award.


oreneta said...

Oh Hula, you're such a winner, and I got such a much needed laugh from that! Perfect!!!

Linda said...

I am still laughing out loud at this! You are definitely on a roll!