Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We miss you, London!

Teen Angel and I sighed throughout each and every event that made up Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee festivities.  Sighed because it brought back such good memories of our visit to London last year.  It's always better when you've been somewhere and you see that place later on TV and in movies or you read about it in books.  You've experienced it.  You've absorbed the sights and sounds, and breathed in the smells.  It's somehow more real to you.  You feel a connection.  And that's the way it was during the Jubilee.  Every time they showed an event like the big rock concert, we'd go, "Look, we stood right there at the Queen Victoria monument!"  Sigh.

"Their big picnic is at the back of Buckingham Palace where we ended our tour!"  Sigh.

"And we were there, at the Tower of London!"  Sigh.

"And where they're firing the cannons is right where we stood on the bank of the Thames!"  Sigh.

"Look, it's St. Paul's Cathedral!"   Sigh.

Is it possible to be homesick for a place that isn't your home?  We miss  you, London!  But about the subway?  As crowded as it was last summer during a regular tourist season, there's no way they're gonna squeeze all those folks on there during the Olympics.

But I'd like to try.  Sigh.


Linda said...

We feel the same way about Ireland...when we go, we feel we are at home, and when we leave, we feel such a sadness! Could have something to do with our Irish ancestry, I guess!

oreneta said...

Yeah.....the subway is going to be something of a challenge I'm thinking too......