Monday, July 23, 2012

Flyin' By

I won't start off by saying how fast the weekend flew, but it surely did.  We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool, went out for dinner and then went to Teen Angel's roller derby bout.  Follow that with church on Sunday, a visit from my parents and some photo editing and poof!  The weekend has once again slipped from my fingertips.  As I floated around on a raft Saturday, trying not to dehydrate in the smothering heat, it occurred to me that summer is half over, and that makes me kind of sad.  A lot of folks around here have said they can't wait until this record hot weather breaks and fall rolls around.  I'm not one of those people.  While I don't exactly enjoy sweating through my underwear by 8am every day, I still prefer the heat to cold weather.  And I love the freedom and fun that summer brings.  She's like a red hot teenage romance:  fast, furious, fabulous and over before you know it.  And there I am every October, counting the days until I can go barefoot again.  What can I say?  My heart's in Barbados. 

The next few weeks will be fun though.  Hubby and I head to Nashville tomorrow for a concert and a little fun.  We plan to go by the zoo where, as Hubby says, he will look at animals and I will spend HOURS dragging a camera around taking pictures of anything that blinks.  In 100 heat, meaning we'll need to clean up a little before going to the show so, we decided at the last minute to spend the night which sent me into a three hour search online for a hotel room that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Most everything was already booked, which meant a great Priceline deal at a four star hotel probably wasn't going to happen.  And the Holiday Inn Express got a little big for its britches and wanted $383 for a one night stay.  For that, I'd drive the two hours home after the show and skip club hopping on Broadway.  Who do they think they are at the Holiday Inn?  Their free hot breakfast isn't THAT good.  I finally snagged a room at $150 about five minutes from downtown that has  a free shuttle to and from the downtown area, which will save us cab fare in the long run, so it worked out okay, but not before I gave up way too much of my life to Hotwire, and VRBO.  By the way, if you want to pay $200 a night, you can snag a pretty swanky condo in downtown Nashville.  I did not want to pay $200.   

This Saturday we have tickets for the Crosby, Stills and Nash show at our local performing arts center, so we will hippie it up this weekend, and then in a couple of weeks, Teen Angel and I will head to Louisville to see Mumford and Sons.  And while I'm probably a little too old to be sayin' this, I'm just going to declare those guys the hottest thing in boy bands these days.  Oh, and I like their music.  They're the best thing to come out of Europe since cannoli. 

Somewhere in the midst of those activities, we still need to have a get together with certain family and friends that we haven't seen in a while, and by the time we work that in, Labor Day will be upon us and the leaves will start to fall off the trees.  The ones that aren't already dead from the heat and dropping now, anyway.  Summer.  She's a beautiful thing.  A beautiful fleeting thing that pushes me down the road at break neck speed every year and then dumps me beside the road in a heap, wondering what hit me.  I need more summer y'all.  At least three more months of it each year.  Or four.  No, maybe five.  Six?      


Linda said...

I swear, reading your blog is like sitting down with an old friend! I felt the zooming days of summer right along with you! I am also one of those summer lovers - I think 10 months of summer and 2 months of spring or fall would be just about right!

J.G. said...

CSN! I bet you will have a great time! And if they look a little long in the tooth (don't we all!), just close your eyes and you'll be back in 1969.