Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When do I Sign up for Social Security?

Today is my birthday.  I am 48 years old.  I'm  forcing myself to declare that to the blogging world so as to prepare myself for finally being able to accept my age by the time I turn fifty.  Which is not for another two years, I might add.  Accepting my age is not easy for me.  In fact, I'd like to ignore it all together.  The age part, not the birthday celebrations.  Alas, I know it's best that I accept it and roll with it, so I'm starting now since it will take the next 24 months to soak in that I am on my way to AARP membership.  Gulp.

But let's not focus on that, shall we?  Tomorrah's anotha day, Rhett.  Let's just talk about the fun stuff.  Like the surprise that awaited me this morning in the kitchen.  When I rolled out of bed at 5:30am, I found a sweet little box, with a card, a couple of cupcakes and a floor full of balloons, compliments of the sweetest daughter a mother could ever want. 

She knows how much I love a surprise, even a tiny one, and she did not disappoint.  She set it all up after she came in from work late last night, and I was snoozing just a few feet away in the adjacent bedroom.  Lucky for her, I sleep like the dead.  My favorite part?  Other than the upside down Red Velvet cupcakes?

And the stainless steel bracelet that has the Paris subway routes etched on it?   (Fitting don't you think, since my phone got mugged from me there?  Helloooooo, Gambetta Station. )

It was all of the handwritten messages on the balloons.  All I can say, is she knows me well.  Oh, and I failed to take a picture of the one that said, "fart" on it.  That girl knows how to make me laugh, she does.  Who has the best daughter ever?  Hula, that's who.


Linda said...

What an absolutely wonderful birthday surprise! Teen-angel is so good to you - you have to be a good mommy to have your teenager love you like that! Happy Birthday, Hula! I turned 63 in May, and it isn't so bad...

oreneta said...

Happy BIRTHDAY HULA!!!!! Teen angel....young woman angel? is a dream!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...


J.G. said...

Happy birthday!! Hope the rest of the day was just as special!

Living Life said...

At least you know how old you are...I done lost count!!

Happy belated birthday Hula!

You are so lucky to have a daughter who loves and appreciates all you do for her!

p.s. I bought those Sketcher sandals yesterday! Yay!