Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Cats and Cads

The Japanese men's gymnastics team is a bunch of whiners, and I wish Great Britain had won the silver!  AND based on their removal of the YouTube video I linked to yesterday, it's obvious the Olympic Committee fails to realize the advantages of using social media to its fullest in marketing the games.

Now that I have that off my chest:  Look who's decided he wants to be a Hula-gen.

A few weeks ago he was scrawny and anti-social and wouldn't come near us.  Now?  He's decided he wants to stay.  Not only does he lay on top of and under my work car, he can often be found hanging out in the garage.  He will also nuzzle us and beg for his dinner.  He LOVES to have his head rubbed, and he's no longer scared of the camera.  Thank goodness, 'cause it's kind of hard to live in this house unless you're used to having your picture taken.

It's amazing what worm medicine, some food and a whole lot of lovin' will do. 


Linda said...

What a pretty fella! Those are great shots of him...guess we all do better when we don't have worms and such!

oreneta said...

He is a BEAUTY!!!!

Living Life said...

He's a beaut! Do you have a name for him yet? We are keeping the last kitten from Pia's litter and no one in my family can agree on a name for him.

J.G. said...

Handsome! Guess you guys did very well in your cat family audition. :-)