Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is it already Tuesday?

Other than a decent shower the night before Independence Day, it hasn't rained here in forever.  And I really didn't think it would any time soon.  Which is why I planned a photo shoot Saturday evening and a pool party at our house Sunday evening.  It came a downpour both nights.  Really??  It hasn't rained enough to fill a thimble and it chooses to rain buckets on the only two nights I have something scheduled?  That is just my luck.  However, I will only whine momentarily because we really need the rain.  REALLY need the rain.  The ground is hard and dusty, and if it doesn't get better anytime soon, we're all going to be rolling to California in broken down trucks and going by the name of Joad.  And I do not look good in flour sack dresses.  Sister mercy, it's dry. 

We managed to squeeze in enough portraits in my makeshift studio in the house for the beautiful young couple who came over Saturday night.  We just didn't get to traipse over to the sunflower fields for one more round of pictures.  And we got an hour and a half of swimming in Sunday night before the clouds opened up and stormed on us.  When the wind started blowing our chips off the plates, and it started to lightning, we thought it was best to seek shelter, and we now know that the Man Cave can hold at least thirty people if some of those are little people.  We ate and visited and continued to have a large time and eventually busted up the party when it became obvious the rain had settled in and there would be no more swimming.  The party wasn't as long as we had anticipated, but that just means we'll have to try it again before the kids go back to school.

It was a fun start to a busy week.  We have vacation bible school every night this week at church.  And ya'll know I love a good bible school, but it sure does wear me out.  I have this theory that the good Lord gives us temporary amnesia about things like childbirth, surgery and bible school.  We forgot how exhausting it is until it rolls around again and we're in the midst of it, but by then we're already committed and there's no turning back.  This year, my job is to teach the kids the songs and the dance moves, which is a bit ironic since I couldn't carry a tune if I had a bucket and a helper, but I am a veteran of high school AND college dance squads, so I guess it all evens out.  I had told them to assign me to whatever job needed to be filled, and I got a text late last week asking me to do the music room since they were having trouble filling that job.  I now know why.  Everyone else has already done it and knows how tiring it is.  Ha!  It was like a two and a half hour zumba class.  I danced and sang nonstop with the exception of about two minutes when we sat down to talk about prayer about two thirds of the way through the evening.  And while it was meant to be meaningful, it was really my way of giving myself a two minute break from shaking my wiggle.  I was certainly feeling closer to age fifty than age forty last night. 

The schedule for the week will be to go to work, race home, throw together something for my peeps to eat, run to bible school and then come home around 9pm to prep a meal for the following night before falling into bed.  Did I mention I have to shoot a wedding this weekend?  That means a rehearsal on Friday night and shooting off and on all day Saturday.  Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it.  It's all in fun, though.  I love working with the kids, one of whom told me last night the only thing she ever prays for is an iPad.  Not to give thanks or ask for guidance or ask for healing for someone sick.  Just an iPad.  Gotta love the honesty of a six year old.  I'll be shaking my wiggle every night, and if I'm lucky it will put me two pounds closer to my fighting weight.  If I'm really lucky, the laundry fairy will visit my home while I'm shaking that wiggle.  

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