Friday, January 26, 2007

Take 'em Down

Gretchin Wilson made a lot of money singing about “leaving her Christmas lights on on the front porch all year long”, but I’m sure her redneck anthem was not meant to actually encourage people to do that. Apparently, some of my fellow citizens think otherwise. As I drive around town I am amazed at the people who have not yet taken down their Christmas decorations. It’s January 26th. The holidays are over people! Move on. That inflatable penguin that was so cute in December is January’s lawn trash. My husband jokes that there should be fines for leaving your holiday decorations up too long. I’m beginning to think he’s right. I say $50 for each reindeer sitting in your yard after January 10th, $25 for each lighted snowflake left dangling from your gutters and a walloping $100 for every inflatable left wadded up on the ground.

My neighbors finally removed the garland and bows from their front porch columns last weekend. Thank goodness. It was driving me crazy. I was beginning to think I would have to sneak over there at night and box them up under the cover of darkness. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been a “yard snob”. I don’t expect every blade of your grass to be artfully manicured or beautifully landscaped. I’m fine with dandelions and don’t really care that the neighborhood dogs have worn a path across my side yard. I consider those signs that a home has “life”. I am NOT fine with trash, cars on blocks and junk piled up outside, and by the end of January, Christmas decorations look like junk. As someone who works with others to attract new businesses and industries to our community, I know that prospects form opinions based on the appearance of our city. Christmas decorations left up for months at a time send them a very unflattering message. So, if you haven’t taken down your Christmas stuff yet, please do. Besides, if you don’t get it down soon, you won’t get your big plastic eggs in the yard in time for Easter.

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janjanmom said...


It really burns my butt when they have the gall to STILL LIGHT the lights left on their house in spring!! $500 EXTRA FINE if those lights continue to light up!!